Northwest Indiana & Miller Historic Maps

Below are links to various maps of Indiana with particular attention to Northwest Indiana (Lake County and Porter County). Also are cropped images from those maps which are particular to Miller and/or Gary.

In the "Link" column are the links to the various repositories which will open the full map in a new window and provide more documentation and information. The abbreviations are for the repository:

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Year Link Description Miller Close-up
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1797 Map of part of the N.W. Territory from actual surveys and best information. Indiana, Ohio, and 'Chickago'.
1833 Indiana David H. Burr creator.
1839 1839 Map of Ohio and Indiana (Part). David Burr. Source was NYPL but they have archived their MapWarper tool. Nevertheless, the capture is here, on the right.
1840s Unsold lands in Lake County. Solon Robinson, creator.
1842 Hinton, Isaac Taylor. 1842. Map of the States of Indiana and Ohio with Part of Michigan Territory. London, England
1848 A New Map of Indiana with its Roads & Distances. By H.S. Tanner.
1852 Map of Indiana compiled from the United States Surveys published by J.H. Colton
This is a huge file in my possession with no link to the full map. I'm not even sure where I got this file but it is one of the few from this era which shows a road from Liverpool northeast towards Michigan City. Pre-Miller, but Indiana City is shown at the mouth of the river
1869 Colton's Map of the State of Indiana: Compiled from the United States Surveys & Other Authentic Sources, Exhibiting Sections, Fractional Sections, Railroads & Canals .
1871 Railroad Distances & Township Map of Indiana. New York: E. C. Bridgman.
1874 Hardesty map of Lake County. The full map is the LOC link.
A crop of that map to North Township has been used on my page on Samuel Miller and 1850.
1876 South Shore of Lake Michigan. These two maps are from the Wisconsin Water Library which unfortunately runs on Adobe Flash, but were previously downloaded and cropped. See my older 'Maps - Current and Historic' page for the close ups and more information on these unique maps.
1876 From the 1879 Baskin, Foster & Co. Atlas, map by A.T. Andreas. This map and its close-up were previously referenced on this website. See that page for a bit more information.
1880s 1880-1889 Indiana map Shows railroads and canals; "Compiled according to census of 1880 and latest surveys"; from Encyclopaedia Britannica, 9th ed.
1882 E.J. Clemens Map of Indiana. Shows county boundaries, railroads, and cities and towns.
(No close up since the whole northern part of the county is jammed with railroad track symbols.)
1882 Hough, Daniel. 1882. Indian Names of Lakes, Rivers, Towns, & Forts of Indiana.
1886 State of Indiana: Compiled from the Official Records of the General Land Office and Other Sources. Washington, DC
1890 Lake County, Indiana. T.M. Ball, Chicago, Illinois
(Note the 'New Stock Yards' where Gary would be built 16 years later.)
1890?-1899? Geological map of Indiana, showing location of stone quarries and natural gas and oil areas.
1894 1894 E.C. Bridgman's New Sectional and Township Map of Indiana from the Latest Official and Other Authentic Sources for School, Library or Office. (Sheet 1) New York (Again no close up since map is loaded with train tracks and there's nothing new. The full map(s) have interesting geological sidebar maps.)
1897 Blatchley & Ashley's State Geologist Geological Map of Lake and Porter Counties. Indianapolis
1897 Post route map of the state of Indiana showing post offices with the intermediate distances on mail routes in operation on the 1st of December, 1897.
1900 U.S. Geological Survey Map. Surveyed in 1897 and revised in 1900. This map, labeled the Toleston (sic) Quadrangle, includes the north portion of Lake County.
1901 C.S. Mendenhall's 1901 New Road Map and Guide Book of Indiana: Showing Pikes, Road & Bicycle Route, the Location of Towns Post Offices, & Rail Roads. Cincinnati
1906 C.S. Mendenhall's 1906Guide and Road Map of Indiana: Showing Main Touring Routes and Good Roads. Cincinnati
1906 F.L. Knight's 1906 Calumet Region of Lake County, Indiana: Prepared from the Official Records. Crown Point.
Blueprint; Cadastral map showing landowners.
1906 F.L. Knight & Sons' 1906 Map of Lake County, Indiana: Prepared from Official Surveys. Crown Point.
1906 F.L. Knight & Sons' Road Map of Lake County, Indiana. Crown Point.
1909 Northern Lake County and Calumet area created by the Indiana Harbor Belt RR.
Does not really show Miller but shows 'Calumet City', the platted 'Indiana City.'
1911 Northern part of Lake County, Indiana, drawn from official records and surveys.
1916 Dinsmore, A.F., and I.P. Berthrong. 1916. State of Indiana. Washington, DC: General Land Office.
No close up as there is little detail to be gained.
1918-1920 This very rare 30" x 30" has never been fully digitized that I know of. They were reproduced in the book The Indiana Dunes Revealed - The Art of Frank V. Dudley and scanned from that book. Drawn by Peter S. Goodman, a member of the Praire Club, it was controversial at the time. It was mostly of dunes features in Porter county, but a small section included Miller Beach. See the other page on this website for more information.
1923 Pickens, R.F., and C.G. Sauers.Map of Indiana Showing Points of Interest and State Highways. Indiana Department of Conservation.
No close up worth showing; an interesting map none the less.
1928 Gary, Indiana, in 1928. Map shows the streets, railroads, some businesses, cemeteries, and parks. W.P. Cottingham creator.
1929 Illustrated Promotional map of Gary. Gary Chamber of Commerce.
1958 Map of Lake County.County surveyor's office, Samuel E. Brownsten, surveyor.
It shows cities, major roads, major businesses and industries, lakes, railroads, and geographic features.

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