Schools in Miller Beach

Much has changed over the past several decades when it comes to the schools of Gary and Miller. A drastically shrinking population has forced the closing of many schools in Gary. Nobel in Miller is closed, as is Kennedy-King. Wirt High School after merged with Emerson, the oldest of Gary's high schools, is now closed and abandoned. The future looks dim as well for the School corporation may be forced to close even more schools. But there are still schools, public and charter, and a super non-profit Dance school.
      There are loyal alumni for all the closed schools. The internet helps keep people in touch.

The Gary Community School Corporation has a website at: GCSC as well as a Facebook Page

Wirt High School:

Wirt Alumni

Several Alumni Memorial sites have come and gone over the years. Currently there is a memorial page where information can be exchanged about alumni. Debbie Pastor started that group page.

The Official Wirt Reunion Group Page on Facebook has currently 2,444 likes. It's a great place to go to find out what has happened with your class and any reunions being planned. There have been some great reunion parties in Marquette Park!

The Emerson V.P.A. Alumni aren't slackers either. Despite the closing of the building, Emerson lives on at Wirt and has an All Alumni Group page on Facebook.

There are other Facebook pages relating to specific classes or activities. Simply enter Wirt or Emerson in Facebook's search.

Charter School of the Dunes

2013 saw the opening of a new K-12 charter school in Miller. Located on Melton Road (U.S. Highway 20) it's at the intersection with Old Hobart Road.

The Charter School of the Dunes Website

The Gary Community School System operates two schools in Miller:

Elementary School

6401 Hemlock

A Performing Arts School

301 Parke Street

Beachfront Dance School

Beachfront Dance School (BDS) is a not for profit organization committed to providing young people of diverse backgrounds with an opportunity to receive high-quality training in classical ballet.

At 427 South Lake Street ---- See its website. Brilliant! Or its Facebook page.

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