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A Scrapbook - Walter Hellman and Rex B. Wood

While there were a great number of articles in the papers about the checkers touraments, perhaps none was more covered than the 1972 US National tournament in Memphis. This is perhaps because it was also the year Bobby Fischer defeated Boris Spassky for the World Chess Championship, perhaps the most famous chess match in history. Below is a smattering of the articles on the 1972 checkers tournament in which Hellman won the title - the final win in his "Grand Slam", which included four major American tournaments.
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Walter's 1975 obituary in the Chicago Tribune.

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The article highlighs the 1962 World Championship match between Walter Hellman and Asa Long and the 'agonies' they endured. Walter won the match 2-2-36 draws to retain his title.

Rex Wood was not without his press coverage.

Although not the tournament player that his colleague was, Rex still made the news.




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