Inventories of
Bethel Lutheran / Miller Cemetery

This page has the current (2018) inventory of the burials at Bethel Lutheran Cemetery, the 1976 internment map annotated, the 1999 Northwest Indiana Genealogical Society's inventory, and a link to the 1957 inventory which is on another page.

The following 2018 inventory is an embedded spreadsheet. It may be a bit hard to navigate, but at the bottom right is a link to download the sheet as a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. The spreadsheet contains a number of cell comments which have miscellaneous bits of information about the people. Those comments are not on the print version which will be deposited with the church and the Calumet Archives. Those cells that do have comments have a little red triangle in the corner, hover over that and click the "Show comment". The rows with a peach colored highlight are men who died in Aetna Powder Plant explosions. Below the embedded spreadsheet are links to the earlier inventories.

The 1976 interment map annotated.

Click on the image for bigger or download the map.

Download the 1976 Map

Other burial inventories.

1957 D.A.R. Inventory(Indiana State Library)
1999 NWI Genealogical Society inventory (PDF) (Bethel Lutheran)

I know of no register of burials for the cemetery. The Bethel Lutheran church registers record burials but not the interment location.

Print version of the new 2018 inventory. (Steve Spicer. PDF. No comments included.)
Bethel Lutheran Cemetery at Find-a-Grave.

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