Additional Pictures from The Chanute Glider Centennial Celebration
July 27, 1996

The two gliders, Paul Dees' on the right and Rochester (NY) Institute of Technology glider on the left parked outside the front of the aquatorium waiting the test flights while discussion and Dr. Crouch's talk go on inside.

[Both gliders standing in front of Aquatorium]

The R·I·T  Press Release from 1996

[Paul Dees with his glider]

The Rochester (NY) Institute of Technology (RIT) students preparing for another attempt at a successful glide.

[Down the dune with an attempt!

Down the dune they go!

[Getting an award - bw06.jpg]

Richard Glueck and Chris Chelelli, teachers from the Orono Middle School, Orono, Maine, present Joseph Hodges and George Rogge with student models of the Chanute Glider and struts from the replica that they built and flew this spring in Orono. Joseph Hodges is a descendant of Octave Chanute and George Rogge is president of the Chanute-Aquatorium Society.