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Writings and Speeches of Octave Chanute:

This section was originally titled Principal Writings... , but who is to know what is "Principal"? These writings and speeches had a great deal of influence on engineers and aeronautical researchers at the time, but to many people the short, two or three page articles in contemporary magazines that Chanute wrote may have had a "principal" impact, inspiring them to build a glider, fly a kite, become a pilot or otherwise join the multitude of people who marvelled at the miracle of flight.

  • 1. Aerial Navigation
    American Railroad and Engineering Journal, Chanute, Octave. "Aerial Navigation." Lecture delivered to the students at Sibley College. Cornell University, May 2, 1890. Jul to Nov 1890, vol. 64, pp.: 316-8, 365-7, 395-7, 442-3, 498-501. Reprinted by Burr Printing House, Frankfort & Jacobs Streets, NY, 1891, 36pp inc. tables.
    Military Service Institution of the United States Journal. Chanute, Octave. "Aerial Navigation." Lecture delivered to the students at Sibley College. Cornell University, May 2, 1890. Reprinted in 1892, vol. 13, pp.:1193-7; 1893, vol.14, pp.:154-65.
  • 2.['To Fly' link image tofly.gif] Progress in Flying Machines.
    American Engineer and Railroad Journal A series of 27 articles that appeared from Oct 1891 to Jan 1894. They were bound in book form and published 1894, 269pp, 83 fig. In the bound version, Chanute added two article: Moy, Thomas: The flight of the albatross and Lilienthal, Otto: The Flying Man, the carrying capacity of arched surfaces in sailing flight. Facsimile reprint (1976) by Lorenz & Herzog, Publishers, Long Beach, CA.
  • 3.['To Fly'link image tofly.gif] Sailing Flight
    Pt.I in Means, James, editor. Aeronautical Annual 1896. W.B.Clarke & Co., Boston, Mass.
    Part II in Means, James, editor. Aeronautical Annual 1897. W.B.Clarke & Co., Boston, Mass.
  • 5. Gliding Experiments
    An address, illustrated by lantern slides, by Octave Chanute, C.E., Mem. W.S.E.. Delivered 20th of October, 1897. published in the Journal of the Western Society of Engineers, vol.2, no.5, pp.:593- 628.
  • 6. ['To Fly' link image tofly.gif] Experiments in Flying  BY O. CHANUTE. -AN ACCOUNT OF THE AUTHOR'S OWN INVENTIONS AND ADVENTURES.  (Originally appeared in McClure's Magazine, 15, June, 1900, pp. 127-133.)
  • 7. Diner - Conference du 2 Avr 1903. L'Aeronaute, May 1903, pp.:102-4. Translated as pages 654-9, vol. I, Appendix IV,B of Papers of Wilbur and Orville Wright, edited by McFarland, McGraw Hill, 1953.

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The following books contain biographical and historical information on Chanute and his contributions to manned flight.

  • Crouch, Tom D. (1981). A Dream of Wings. Norton & Comp. New York.
  • Crouch, Tom. (1989) The Bishop's Boys. WW Norton and Company, New York.
  • Gibbs-Smith, Charles H. (1970). "The Gliding Prelude in Practical Powered Flying, 1890-1903. Octave Chanute." in Aviation, An Historical Survey from its origins to the end of World War II. Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London.
  • Horgan, James J. (1984). City of Flight, The History of Aviation in St. Louis. "The Louisiana Purchase Exposition 1904."
  • Jackman, W.J., M.E. and Thos. H. Russell, A.M., M.E. (1910). Flying Machines, Construction & Operation with introductory chapter by O. Chanute and "Experiments by the writer." Charles C. Thompson Co., Chicago, USA
  • McFarland, Marvin W., editor (1953). The Papers of Wilbur and Orville Wright, including the Chanute-Wright letters and other papers of Octave Chanute. McGraw-Hill. Reprinted in 1972. Including "Octave Chanute's diary of his glides of 1896." from a small brown handwritten notebook in Manuscript Division of Library of Congress with footnotes in vol. 1, appendix IVA pp.:641-54, "Mr. Chanute in Paris" (April 1903), "Aerial Navigation in the United States" (August 1903)
  • Means, James (1891). Manflight, self publisher, Boston, Mass. This 30-page pamphlet was sent, postpaid, to any address on receipt of four cents in stamps.
  • Means, James (1894). The Problem of Manflight, W.B.Clarke & Co., Boston, Mass. This 20-page pamphlet was sent, postpaid, to any address on receipt of ten cents in stamps.
  • Means, James (1910). Epitome of Aeronau-tical Annual, Boston, Chanute, Octave. Recent Experiments in Gliding Flight." pp.:52-75. "Soaring Flight: how to perform it." Paper read before the International Aeronautical Congress, in Oct 1907, pp.:76-8. "
  • Means, James Howard (1964). James Means and the Problem of Manflight, during the period 1882-1920, Smithsonian Institution Publication 4526, Washington, DC.
  • Moedebeck, Hermann W. L. (Berlin), Taschen-buch zum praktischen Gebrauch fur Flug-techniker und Luftschiffer. Chanute, Octave. "Fortschritte und neuere Erfahrungen im Kunstflug." in 1904, pp.:322-40. 1911: pp.:600-24.
  • Moedebeck (1907). Chanute, Octave. "Fortschritte und neuere Erfahrungen im Kunstflug." Translation "Artificial Flight," by W. Mansergh Varley in Pocketbook of Aeronautics, by Whittaker & Co. (London), pp.:295-316.
  • Morgan, Alfred Powell (1912). How to Build a 20-foot Bi-Plane Glider, A practical handbook on the construction of a bi-plane gliding machine, enabling an intelligent reader to make his first step in the field of aviation; with a comprehensive understanding of the principles involved. Spon & Chamberlain, New York.
  • Schwipps, Werner (1979). Lilienthal, die Biographie. Arani Verlag, Berlin.
  • Schwipps, Werner (1993). Warum es so schwierig ist, das Fliegen zu erfinden, Otto Lilienthal's Flugtechnische Korrespondenz. Published and edited by Schwipps, upon recommendations of the Lilienthal Museum Anklam. Anklam, Germany.
  • Scamehorn, Howard L. (1957). Balloons to Jets, A century of Aeronautics in Illinois, 1855-1955. Illinois State Historical Society Occasional Publication No.52. Henry Regnery Co., Chicago
  • Teale, Edwin Way (1930). The Book of Gliders. E.P. Dutton & Co., New York
  • Young, David and Neal Calahan (1981). Fill the Heavens with Commerce, Chicago Aviation, 1855-1926. Chicago Review Press, Chicago IL

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Patents: (Patents relating to the "Chanute group")
Listings thanks to Simine Short

1895, 20 August. "Flying Machine."  Lilienthal, O. Application filed 28 Feb 1894. US Patent Office No. 514, 816. 

1897, 18 May. "Soaring Machine." U.S. patent No.582,718.  (Machine similar to Lilienthal glider, but with improvements and a seat.) Chanute was also assigned one-half of U.S. Patent No. 582,757, issued May 18, 1897 to Louis-Pierre Mouillard of Cairo, Egypt.

1897, 25 June. "Improvements in or relating to Means and Appliances for Effecting Aerial Navigation ( = triplane with engine, as well as a biplane)".  Application filed 31 May 1897 through Thomas Moy as the agent for O. Chanute and A.M. Herring.  British Patent No. 15,221 (C.P.L.)

1898, 4 Jan. Augustus M. Herring applied for a patent of the 3-deck machine in the U.S. on 11 Dec 1896 as Serial No. 615,353, similar to British Patent No. 15,221. It was rejected as pure theory on 4 Jan 1898.

1898, 2 Apr.  "Improvements in and relating to Flying Machines."  O. Chanute British Patent No. 13,373. Application filed 31 May 1897, accepted 2 Apr 1898. 

1898, 28 Jun. Butusov, William Paul. "Soaring Machine." U.S. Patent No 606,187. Application filed 15 Jul 1896, Serial No. 599,309. 

1906, 30 October - Chanute, "Means for Aerial Flight." U.S. Patent No. 834,658. (The "winch" launcher for gliders as it was used during the 1904 St. Louis World Fair.) Application filed 16 Sept 1904, Serial No. 224, 696.

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Manuscripts and published correspondence:

(Anyone interested in archives of those involved in the history of flight should check out the National Air and Space Museum's Listing of Repostitories Index and Search from which these Chanute related archives were compiled.)

Also see McFarland above.

1. Chanute, Octave, 1832- 1910.

MS 62-4604.Papers; 1850-1910; 21,024 items. Civil engineer and aeronaut. Includes correspondence, kite diagrams, sketches, and other material concerning Chanute's role in the history of aviation (1890-1910) including his glider experiments and the technical problems involved, as well as a group of letters (1875-1880) by Alphonse Penaud to Mr. G. Bennett. Main correspondents include Wilbur Wright (1900- 1910, all published in full edited by Marvin W. McFarland, 1953) and Louis-Pierre Mouillard (1890-1896). Other correspondents include Clement Ader, William Avery, R. Baden-Powell, Alexander Graham Bell, Sam Cabot, Lawrence Hargrave, Augustus Moore Herring, Edward C. Huffaker, Samuel P. Langley, Otto Lilienthal, Hiram Stevens Maxim, John J. Montgomery, Percy C. Pilcher, George A. Spratt, Orville Wright, and A.F. Zahm. Material is also related to the Library's Wilbur Wright papers. Includes photostats of some letters to Zahm for the International Conference on Aerial Navigation, Chicago, 1893 (4TL 435). Finding aid available.


Library of Congress
Manuscript Division
First and East Capitol Streets, S. E.
Washington, DC 20540
(202) 707- 5384

2. Chanute-Wright Correspondence,

1900-1910. This correspondence is in the Library of Congress (above) and was published by McFarland in 1953. It is slowly coming online at 'To Fly is Everything...". This correspondence not only is vital to understanding the relationship between Chanute and the Wright brothers, but is primary source for descriptions of the Wright brother's experiments and eventual success.

3 .toFly Image Chanute-Mouillard correspondence,

April 16, 1890 to May 20, 1897, mainly on the subject of aeronautics. Translated into English. Preface by Pearl I. Young. Twelve copies only made. Distributed by E.L.Sterne, aeronautical bookseller, at San Francisco.

This correspondence is now online at Gary Bradshaw's site. I must include his webmaster's note here:  "Simine Short found one of the 12 copies of the Chanute-Mouillard correspondence, and did all of the hard work in scanning and converting the text and figures. Many thanks from all for preserving and making widely available this unique and important contribution to the history of the invention of the airplane!"

4. Chanute, Octave, 1832-1910.

Some letters from Octave Chanute, Chairman to A.F. Zahm, Secretary, of International Conference on Aerial Navigation held in Chicago, August 1, 2, 3, 1893. [n.p.] Archives Institute of the Aeronautical Sciences, 1944. 1 v. (unpaged) LC CALL NUMBER: 4TL 435

5. Young, Pearl I., 1896-1968.

Papers; 1916-1968; 10 linear feet. The first woman technical employee of NASA (formerly the National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics), who started a biography of Octave Chanute. Her collection contains notes, letters, and printed material about him, including 10 drawers of a 3 x 5 card file, and microfilm of the Octave Chanute papers, 1860-1910 (in part).

Denver Public Library/Special Collections,
4th Floor Ross-Barrett
Historical Aeronautical Collection
1357 Broadway Denver, Colorado 80203-2165
(303) 640- 8880

Other Manuscript collections of related individuals:

1. Herring, Augustus Moore, 1867-1926.

A) Cornell University Library.

Augustus Moore Herring papers, 1891-1931.  DESCRIPTION: 2.4 cubic ft.
SUMMARY: Transcripts of Herring-Curtiss Company vs. Glenn Curtiss et al., briefs, exhibits, correspondence, and other papers pertaining to this lawsuit, in which William Maloney was one of the principal trial lawyers, and to related litigation; incorporation papers, minutes, resolutions, stock certificates, legal documents, correspondence, and other items (1909-1031) relating to the business affairs of the company; Augustus Herring's scrapbook (1896-1909) and notebook (ca. 1903-1910) dealing with his role in airplane and glider development and his correspondence with the United States Patent Office (1909-1913); blueprints, photographs, pamphlets, and clippings relating to general aspects of aviation development.

NOTES: Described in REPORT OF THE CURATOR AND ARCHIVIST, 1958-62. Box list; partial item list.
LOCATION: Kroch Library Rare & Mss  CALL NUMBER: 1990 

Simine Short, who examined this collection, writes that the scrapbook was microfilmed in 1960 and the original discarded.

B) Library of Congress Manuscript Division.

Citation from the LOC online catalog.

Archival Manuscript Material (Collection)
Herring, Augustus Moore, 1867-1926. Main Title: Collection, 1908-1924. Description: 47 items.
Notes: MSS5431; Forms part of: Miscellaneous Manuscripts collection. 
Source of Acq.: Transfer, Library of Congress Aeronautics Section, Science Division, 1954.
Local Call/Shelv.: MMC
Repository: Library of Congress Manuscript Division Washington, D.C.
Request in: Manuscript Reading Room (Madison, LM101)

For several years the following collection was listed on these pages as being at CalTech. In September of 1999 I was informed that the collection was not there. It is possible that it is in fact the above collection at Cornell, my mistake having been to list it at CalTech. It is also possible that it is another collection. The call numbers do not match either the Cornell collection or the Library of Congress, but the description is very similar.  I leave this collection here in case someone finds it, although I do believe that it is probably the Cornell collection cited above. 

MS66- 781. Papers collected by William Maloney; 1891-1931; 2 linear feet. Aviation pioneer. Includes correspondence, briefs, exhibits, transcripts, and other papers relating to the lawsuit Herring-Curtiss Company v. Glenn Curtiss et al., in which William Maloney (1891-1931) of Rochester was one of the principal trial lawyers; also correspondence, legal documents, minutes, resolutions, stock certificates and items relating to the business affairs of the company; Herring's scrapbook and notebook dealing with his role in airplane and glider development, and his correspondence with the US Patent Office; and blueprints, photographs, pamphlets, and clippings relating to general aspects of aviation development. Finding aid available.

2. Zahm, Albert Francis, 1862-1953

Papers, 1889-1953. 35 linear feet. 1 linear foot of photographs. Series outline and folder list. Aviation pioneer, professor of mathematics and mechanics, University of Notre Dame, 1885-1892, and chief of the Aeronautical Division of the Library of Congress, 1929-1946. Correspondence, 1889-1953; manuscripts by Zahm; diaries, 1930-1941; publications and clippings by and about Zahm; correspondence, reports, and other records concerning his involvement with the Smithsonian Institution, the National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics and its Committee on Aerodynamics, the Library of Congress Division of Aeronautics, the Institute of Aeronautical Sciences, and the War Department; material collected by Zahm concerning the North Pole; records of his experiments including notes, design memoranda, lab records, notebooks, sketches, blueprints, and copyright and patent material; teaching and lecture notes; financial records; photographs; artifacts; and personal effects including a will, membership cards, and addresses.

University of Notre Dame Archives
607 Hesburgh Library
Notre Dame, IN 46556
phone: (219) 631-6448
fax: (219) 631-7980


Young, Pearl I. Octave Chanute, 1832-1910; the contributions of an American civil engineer to the improvement of railroads, railroad bridges, timber preservation, and aeronautics; a bibliography. [1st ed.] San Francisco, E.L. Sterne, aeronautical bookseller, 1963. 28 p. ports. 23 cm. LC CALL NUMBER: Z5851 .Y6


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Articles in newspapers and magazines

Contemporary (to 1920)

AP-Report. Watkins, John Elfreth, Jr. "Man-carrying kites. Octave Chanute's aeroplane to be built for the Army." Dispatch from Washington, DC dated Oct 9, 1896, carried in newspapers Oct 10, 1896.

Aero. Jour. (London) - Chanute, Octave. "Recent aeronautical progress in the United States." Jul 1908, vol 12 no 47 pp:52-5

L'Aeronaute (Paris), Chanute, Octave. "Opening Address, Conference on Aerial Navigation." held in Chicago, Aug.1-4, 1893, in connection with the Columbian Exposition. Opening address, Feb 1894, vol 27 no 2 pp:31-8

Aeronautics (NY), Chanute, Octave. "Future uses of aerial navigation." 1908, vol 2 no 6, pp:15-6

Aeronautics (NY) Chanute, Octave. "Evolution of the "two-surface" flying machine." Sep 1908, vol 3 no 3 p:9-10; Oct 1908 vol 3 no 4 pp:28-9; also Chapter 1 of book by W.J. Jackman and T.H. Russell, 1914, pp:7-18.

Aeronautics (NY), Chanute, Octave. "Soaring Flight: how to perform it." Paper read before the International Aeronautical Congress, Oct 1907. Published in Apr 1909, vol 4, pp:134-7, also Aug 31, 1914, vol 15, pp:53-4

Aero. Jour. (London), Chanute, Octave. "Fresh experiments were done in Sep 1897, in the same locality," and "Some American Experiments." vol 2 no.5, Jan 1898, pp:9-10, 5 figures.

Aero. Jour. Chanute, Octave. "Aerial navigation." Paper read before Sec. D, AAAS, at St. Louis, Dec 30, 1903. resume in 1904, vol.8 no.31, pp:61-2.

L'Aerophile, Chanute, Octave. "La Naviga-tion Aerienne aux Etats-Unis" vol 11, no 8, Aug 1903, pp:171-83, 20 illus. Translated as pages 659-73, vol I, Appendix IV, C of Papers of Wilbur and Orville Wright, edited by McFarland,&127; McGraw Hill, 1953.

Aero World Chanute, Octave. "Aerial navigation: Balloons and Flying Machines from an Engineering Standpoint." abstracted and reviewed in Sep 1, 1902, vol 1 no 2, pp:15-6.

Aero World (Glenville, OH) 1903. "Octave Chanute's aerial machines," vol 1 no 2 p:20, "Octave Chanute in England," vol 1 no 11 p:256.

American Academy for the Advancement of Science (AAAS). Chanute, Octave. "Soaring Flight." Paper read before Sec. D. Engineering of AAAS at Buffalo NY, Aug.27, 1896. Not published in Science.

American Aeronaut and Aerostatist. St. Louis, Chanute, Octave. "Pending European Experiments in Flying." vol.1 no.1 Oct 1907, pp:13-5. Reprinted as "How to Learn to Fly." in American Aeronaut, St. Louis, vol.1, Jun 1908, pp:198-203; also Oct 1909, pp:119-22.

American Engineer and Railroad Journal, Chanute, Octave. "Hargrave's recent experiments." 1895, vol 69 pp:193-4

Amer. Mag. of Aeronautics - Chanute, Octave. " ?."Jun 1907

Amer. Mag. of Aeronautics - Chanute, Octave. "Conditions of Success with Flying Machines.". vol.1 no.1 Jul 1907, pp:7-9

Bull. of City Club (Chicago), Chanute, Octave. "The development and future of flying machines." Talk to City Club, Chicago, on Nov 13-4, 1908. Nov 18, 1908, vol 2 no 15 pp:191-4 (Crerar library).

Cassier's Magazine: Chanute, Octave. "Aerial navigation: Balloons and Flying Machines from an Engineering Standpoint." an engineering monthly (London) vol 20. no.2, Jun 1901, pp:111-23. illustrated.

Chicago Daily News, Jun 1, 1910. "Aviation as a sport for Chicago. Chanute says in Paris that many wealthy men are building machines. Cable from special correspondent, May 31, 1910."

Chicago Evening News, Nov 17, 1898, Report on Herring's flights

Chicago Evening Post, Oct 10, 1908 "Pioneer in Aviation lauds the Wrights."

Chicago Record, Jun 25, 1896. Article written by Manley

Chicago Record, Sep 13, 1896. Article written by Manley

The following visits by a reporter to Chanute's encampment at Dune Park were reported in Chanute's diary, but no article has been found:

Chicago Times-Herald, Sep 4, 1896, visit by reporter Macbeth, but no report found in the paper. Chicago Times-Herald, Sep 7, 1896, visit by reporter Macbeth, but no report found in the paper. Chicago Sunday Times-Herald, Sep 22, 1896, visit by reporter, but no report found in the paper.

Chicago Times-Herald, Sep 8, 1897, p:2, "How it Feels to Fly, Reporter tries an aero curve, with one of A.M. Herring's Flying machines he soars 110 Feet on the first trial of his experience.

Chicago Tribune, Sep 19, 1894 "Will man ever fly?"

Chicago Tribune, 24 June 1896, vol 55 no 176 "Men fly in midair. Chicago experts make experiments on Indiana soil."

Chicago Tribune, Sep 8, 1896. "Flying Machines Being Tested on the Indiana Sand Dunes," by Henry S. Bunting. (See his reminiscences or the event written later in life and recently reprinted in Aviation History Magazine.)

Chicago Tribune, Dec 14, 1902, p:34

Civil Engineering Club of University of Illinois. Chanute, Octave "Aerial navigation." Lecture Wednesday afternoon, May 28, 1902, illustrated with lantern slides (reported in the student newspaper).

Engineering Magazine (NY and London), Chanute, Octave. "The present status of Aerial Navigation." Apr 1896, vol 2 pp:47-58 . Eng. World (Chicago), Chanute, Octave. "Aerial navigation." Aug 1906, vol 4 no 9, p:222.

Flight (London) - Chanute, Octave. "Soaring Flight: how to perform it." Paper read before the International Aeronautical Congress, Oct 1907. vol 1, 1909, pp:384-5, Jul 3, 1909, pp:395-6

Ill. Aero. Mitt. (Berlin), Moedebeck. Chanute, Octave. "Amerikanische Gleitversuche." 1898, no 1, pp:4-8

Ill. Aero. Mitt. Chanute, Octave. "Die Beding-ungen des Erfolges im Entwurf&127; von Flug-apparaten" Apr 1899, no.2 pp:37-41

Ill. Aero. Mitt. Chanute, Octave. "Bevorste-hende Flugversuche in Amerika." Jul 1908, vol 12 no 13 pp:345-9.

Illus. Scie. News. Chanute, Octave. "Gliding machines, the latest aeronautical experiments." . Feb 1903, p.73

The Independent (NY) - Chanute, Octave. "Aerial navigation." vol 52. Part 1: Intro-duction; balloons, Apr 26, 1900, pp:1006-7; Part II: Progress in flying machines, May 3, 1900, pp:1058-60.

Jour. West. Soc. Eng. Chanute, Octave. "Address of Mr. O. Chanute, the Retiring President." January 7, 1902. published Feb 1902, vol 7, no 1, pp:1-9.

Jour. West. Soc. Eng."Some Aeronautical Experiments," by Mr. Wilbur Wright, Dayton, OH. Presented to the Western Society of Engineers, September 18, 1901, with an introduction by President Chanute.

Jour. West. Soc. Eng. Chanute, Octave. "Discussion of address by Wilbur Wright "Experiments and Observations in Soaring Flight." vol 8, 1903, pp:400-17; there are discussions by seven other members.

Jour. West. Soc. Eng. Chanute, Octave, Hon. M.W.S.E.. "Recent Progress in Aviation." Presented October 20, 1909. Published Apr 1910, vol 15, no.2 pp:110-37.

Jour. West. Soc. Eng. - Chanute, Octave. "Chronology of Aviation." World Almanac, 1909, pp:432-8, 6 paragraphs and table. Reprinted in Apr 1910, vol 15 no 2 pp:138-47.

Jour. West. Soc. Eng. Bates, Onward, Robert W.Hunt, Charles LF.Loweth, Charles L.Strobel, Committee. "In Memoriam, Octave Chanute, died November 23, 1910." May, 1911, vol 16, no 5, pp:439-45.

K.C.Times, Oct 11, 1906, K.C.Journal, Oct.11, 1906 - Chanute, Octave. "Flying Machines." Lecture before Kansas City Technological Society. Oct. 10, 1906

McClure's Magazine (NY) - Chanute, Octave. ['To Fly' link image tofly.gif] "Experiments in Flying, an account of the author's own inventions and adventures."1900, vol 15 no.2, pp:127-33, 13 illus. 9 of Chanute's gliders in the Indiana Dunes and 4 of Pilcher.

New York Herald. - Chanute, Octave. "Five Years Study of Flying Machines." May 19, 1907, p:3-5, 17 paragraphs.

Popular Science, Chanute, Octave. The Proceedings were reviewed in May 1895, vol. 47, p:129.

Popular Science Monthly - Chanute, Octave. "Aerial navigation." Paper read before Sec.D, AAAS, at St.Louis, Dec 30, 1903. in vol 64, Mar 1904, pp:385-93

Revue General des Sciences Pures et Appliquees. - Chanute, Octave. "L'Aviation en Amerique." Nov. 30, 1903, vol 14, no 22, pp:1133-42, illus. (also a 10-page reprint).

Science. an editorial "The Buffalo Meeting, vol 8 no 186, p:178-84,

Sci. Suppl. Friday, Sep 1886 "Proceedings of the section of mechanical science and engineering."

Sci.Amer. Chanute, Octave. "Opening Address, Conference on Aerial Navigation." held in Chicago, Aug.1-4, 1893, in connection with the Columbian Exposition. An account of the Congress was given in Aug 19, 1893, vol.68, p:114.

Sci.Amer. Oct 31, 1896, ['To Fly' link image tofly.gif]"Aerial Flights, experiments of Octave Chanute." vol 75 p:329. The article was preceded by a one paragraph editorial on "Aerial Navigation," on Oct 24, 1896.

Sci.Amer. Apr 24, 1909, "How to build a Chanute type glider." vol 100 no 17 p:10
This article won't prove very useful to anyone interested in building a Chanute glider. The author spends a lot of this short article describing how to make turnbuckles.

Sci.Amer. Zahm, Dr. Albert F. "Octave Chanute, His Work and Influence in Aeronautics." May 13, 1911 pp:463, 488.

Sci. Americ. Suppl. Chanute, Octave. "Opening Address, Conference on Aerial Navigation." held in Chicago, Aug.1-4, 1893. His contributions in the bound proceedings are: Opening address, pp:5-11; reprinted in Aug.6, 1893, vol.36, pp:14724-5;

Sci. Americ. Suppl. Chanute, Octave. "Motors for Aerial Machines."1893, vol.35, pp:14281 (added to Cornell talk of 1890).

Sci. Amer. Suppl. Chanute, Octave. "Gliding Experiments," 1898, pp:18368-9.

Sci. Amer. Suppl. Chanute, Octave. "Aerial navigation." Paper read before Sec.D, AAAS, at St.Louis, Dec 30, 1903. Mar 26, 1904, vol 57, pp:23598-600.

Sci Amer. Suppl. Chanute, Octave. "History of Wright Flying Experiments." vol. 63, Jun 1, 1907, p:26262.

Smithsonian Annual Report (1903) Chanute, Octave. "Aerial navigation." Paper read before Sec.D, AAAS, at St.Louis, Dec 30, 1903. Washington, DC, 1904, pp:173-81 St.Louis Post-Dispatch, Dec.30, 1903. Chanute, Octave. "Aerial navigation." Report of paper read before Sec.D, AAAS, at St.Louis, Dec 30, 1903.

St.Louis Post-Dispatch Sunday, Oct 10, 1909 "Octave Chanute discusses aviation in 2009. Part 2, p:1B

Transportation (N.Y.) Chanute, Octave. "Aerial Navigation." Oct.1893, vol.1 no.2, pp:24-5

Westchester Tribune, 27 June 1896, vol 13 no 1 "Trying to Fly, Prof. Chanute and Party at Millers." This was a weekly paper, published on Saturdays. Westchester Tribune, 26 August 1896

Westchester Tribune, 3 October 1896, "Ship Fails to Fly, Albatross and Inventor Drop Sixty-five Feet. End is Made of Tests."


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Secondary articles in newspapers and magazines (post 1920)

AP Report "1896 glider flight to be memorialized, biplane flew for 350 feet at Indiana dunes." in Indianapolis newspaper July 9, 1990.

Aero Digest (NY), Jan 28, 1928. Slawson, H.H. "Octave Chanute's model glider found." vol 12 no 1 p:58

Aeronautics (American Engineer and Railroad Journal) (1893-1894). M. N. Forney, editor, first printed the proceedings in a new periodical he started Aeronautics. The first issue was Oct 1893 and Forney took subscriptions for 12 monthly issues only. Chanute edited the proceedings and then Forney closed out the periodical as a separate entity, made it part of the Railroad Journal, named Chanute as associate editor. The book "Proceedings of the Conference on Aerial Navigation" were printed in 1894.

Bungee Cord , Crouch, Tom D. "The Origins of a Classic: Octave Chanute, Augustus Moore Herring and their "two-surface" glider of 1896-1897." Spring 1981. Vol 7 no 1 pp:7-11

Bunting, Henry S.  "Eyewitness to Octave Chanute's Secretive Flights". in Aviation History, Sept. 1997. (From a collection of reminiscences by Bunting written later in his life. Printed in Aviation History Magazine. Bunting is the author of a Chicago Tribune article about Chanute's flights that is reproduced on these pages.

Chicago Daily News, Jul 11, 1936. Article on Chanute.

Chicago Daily News, Oct 4, 1940. Sweetland, Reginald. "First American to Fly - Tells of 12-winged plane. An interview with William Avery about his long association with Octave Chanute. In addition to building the gliders of 1896, he flew in all of them, and exhibited a Chanute aircraft at the St. Louis Fair of 1904.

Chicago Tribune, Jul 5, 1936

Chicago Tribune Sunday Magazine, Jun 23, 1957. Slawson, H.H. "Aviation's forgotten man. Seven years before Kitty Hawk Octave Chanute's biplane glider soared over the Indiana Dunes."

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