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Sources for the Pease Genealogy

This 'sources' page was written in the year 2000. Some of the sources mentioned may now, by 2015, available at or other sites that have digitized books. Much has changed in 15 years.
I do not own any of these books, but I have photocopies of the Pease genealogy in Banks and the first several generations in the Rice book.
In many cases following click on the WorldCat logo and it will open a new window taking you to the WorldCat listing for the book. At the title page "Enter your location" as a zip code and you will be able to see if it's available at a library near you or as an eBook.

Two main secondary sources were used in preparation of my Pease pages;

Banks, Charles Edward, 1854-1931.
The History of Martha's Vineyard, Dukes County, Massachusetts.
Edgartown, Dukes County Historical Society [Mass.] 1966.

3 v. illus., facsims., maps, ports. 25 cm.
CONTENTS: v. 1. General history.--v. 2. Town annals.--v. 3. Family
Reprint of the 1911-25 ed.

Bank's History of Martha's Vineyard is important to any study of John and Robert Pease. He says that he spent more time in Salem and English records researching the Pease family than any of the other families in his extensive genealogies of Vineyard Families. While the focus is on John Pease of Martha's Vineyard, he clarifies the relationships between Pease brothers and sons. Philip Rice's book draws on Banks for his insights and research.

Rice, Philip J.
Pease family history / by Philip J. Rice. -- Monticello, Ky. :
Manor Pub. Co., 1982.
FORMAT iv, 373, [18] p. : ill., coat of arms, maps, ports. ; 21 cm.
NOTES Cover title: A genealogical and historical record of the
descendants of John and Robert Pease.
Includes indexes.

The most comprehensive and recent work on the brothers John and Robert draws not only on Banks, but on the earlier work of Austin Pease's genealogy of John Pease of Enfield. Rice is clearly of this branch.

Richard Bart's History of the Pease Family

In March of 1999, Mr. Richard Bart wrote me that he had finished his 1000 page book on the Pease family and was in the process of finding either a printer or a copier.  On April 17, 1999 he wrote me that the book, as well as a disk containing his Family Tree Maker database, was ready for ordering, available from the printer April 30th. By January 15, 2000 the book was sold out. About his book Mr. Bart writes:

My book starts off with an introductory chapter, which has small genealogies of my family, my wife’s family, and my brother in law’s paternal family. He is maternally descended from Robert Pease. The next chapter is a glossary of terms, places and events which will be encountered in the main body of the book. I follow the Pease family from four generations in England, through 10 generations in America. The American generations start with Robert and John Pease and their descendants. Each chapter is a generation. I do not use the "clan" approach as did pervious authors. I have an extensive chapter on "unattached" Pease individuals who I could not link to the main family. My bibliography is 16 pages, and it is followed by an all name alphabetical index. One unique feature of the index, is that in addition to the individual listings, married couples are listed together, such as Robert and Mary Pease. I do not follow the children of Pease women who marry unless the children remarry into the Pease family. There are no footnotes cluttering up the main body of the book. All material presented was taken from sources listed in the bibliography.

  The database disk is a file on the Pease family using Family Tree Maker Version 3.4 for Windows.  It is the .FBC file. Anyone purchasing this disk must have FTM version 3.4 or higher installed on their computer. Anyone purchasing the disk must send me a signed and dated letter stating they will only use the data base for personal reasons, and on their honor, will not sell or give copies to anyone else.

Rick is not planning to reprint the book at this time, January, 2000, but he is working on a second book and will continue to make copies of the disk. 
If you are interested in contacting Mr. Bart, you can email him, or write:
Richard Bart, 126 Partridge Circle, Taunton, MA 02780-7258

March, 2015: a good deal of his compilaton is available online at the Duke's County Genealogy site. Rick's Compilation online

Another interesting source for the Pease surname was sent to me by an American Blackfoot Indian. He wrote:

My family is Blackfoot [American] Indian. We acquired the last name Pease only 3 generations ago. My maternal grandfather, William, was a child and did not yet have a last name, only his tribal name (which I do not know).He and his family were living in Bremerton, Washington, part of which would later become a reservation. The story is a little fuzzy as it was told to me, but apparently, some British settlers came through to claim the land and decided that the people there should be identifiable by last name and assigned them one, Pease, for the crop that was currently growing. Many of my extended family members still live in and around Bremerton, Washington.

Other sources were used in my line. Those sources are indicated on the register report.

Periodical Articles:

Watson, Ian, "Three Mary Peases of Salem, Massachusetts"  The Wives of Nathaniel Carrell, Hugh Pasco, and Electious/Alexius Reynolds (The American Genealogist, Vol. 70, No. 4, October 1995, p.p. 205-208) This article clears up some confusions which have been passed down through previous genealogies. Thanks to Scott Ives for sending me a copy of this article.
Dukes County Intelligencer:  Various articles on Martha's Vineyard Peases are listed in the index to the Intelligencer on page 40 and 41, including the diary of J. Pease written between 1819 and 1857 which was published in the Intelligencer over a number of years. The Intelligencer is the journal of the Dukes County Historical Society, Box 827, Edgartown, MA, 02539, 508-627-4441
Pease, Elaine K., "Goody Pease of Salem Town,"
(The Essex Genealogist,
August, 1984 (vol. 4, no. 3), pp. 126-135.)
A definitive study of Sarah Pease's year long incarceration as an accused witch of Salem in 1692. See the separate page on this article on this website: Sarah Pease - Accused Salem Witch - 1692

With respect to the early Pease generations, I'm sure that there are more articles. Hopefully they will be added to this space with contributions by people and if I ever get a chance to go through the PERSI volumes in detail.

Wills: The Pease Surname in Essex, England Wills of the 16th Century

Thanks to Julie Pease Galipeau, the Essex Wills of the 16th century which contain the surname Pease have been added to these pages. Under construction at this point, the page include entries from Volumes I and III of F.G. Emmison's publications of abstracts of Essex Wills. The are both entertaining and informative.

Of further interest (19th Century Pease genealogies):

Pease, Frederick S. An Account of the Descendants of John Pease, Who Landed at Martha's Vineyard in the Year 1632 [sic], (Albany, 1847), which was followed by his "The Pease Family" in the NEHGR Volume 3 (1849). The latter is available in Family Tree Maker's CD-Rom Family Archives #179, Connecticut Genealogies #1, 1600s - 1800s) As the title indicates, the early history of the Pease brothers in America is weak and confuses John Pease of Martha's Vineyard with his nephew John. This work has been supplanted by later work.
Pease, David, 1783-?
A genealogical and historical record of the descendants of John Pease, Sen.
FORMAT: xxiv, 401, 96 p. ; ill.
NOTES: Reprint : originally published : Springfield, MA : Samuel Bowles & Company, printers, 1869.
Issued with reprint of Pease, A. S. The early history of the Pease families in America. Springfield, Mass., 1869.
Includes indexes.
These two books, both published in 1869, have been   bound together and reprinted several times. In the 1980's Philip Rice had 300+ copies reprinted in South Bend, Indiana (Manor Publishing Co.) and sold all the copies. It is available in many genealogy libraries in some reprint or other, and the first part, by the Rev. David Pease, has recently been put online by Family Tree Maker in their GenLibrary. You will need to subscribe to obtain images of the book.
Mr. Rice used these books extensively in compiling his book on the Pease family, adding to it and making corrections. There is a good deal of discussion of the relationship of the brothers Robert and John, immigrants in 1634 and whether it was John who settled in Martha's Vineyard or not. Banks' later study should read concerning this debate.

(2000): The following books were gleaned from connections to WorldCat and the Wisconsin State Historical Society Library online catalog with a search of "Pease Family."    WorldCat turned up 86 hits, many of them interesting, but not all of them relevant. Some of these may be of interest to researchers. I do not have any of these books, nor have I examined them. They may be difficult to obtain, but check with the librarian at your local library for interlibrary loan.


Adams, Albert Stirling.
The Pease family in southern New Jersey : in Monmouth, Camden and Gloucester counties, with extension from there around the United States / by Albert Stirling Adams. -- 1st revision. -- Pitman,
N.J. : A.S. Adams, 1989.
FORMAT 269 p. : ill. ; 28 cm
Debby Camp provides this information about this book: David Pease (b. 21 May 1698) son of Jonathan Pease 1668/9-1721) is listed as the NJ progenitor with a number of surnames well indexed in 56 pages including  WILLIAMS, CHEWS, TOMBLESON/TOMLINSON, YOUNG, CHEESMAN and COLLINS
Duty, Allene Beaumont, 1912-
The ancestors and descendants of the Honorable Calvin Pease and Laura Grant Risley Pease, his wife, of Suffield, CT., Rutland, VT., and Warren, OH. / by Allene Beaumont Duty. -- 1st ed. --
Cleveland : Duty, 1979.
FORMAT vi, 230 p. : ill. ; 28 cm.
NOTES Includes index.
Peace, Richard Raymond, 1901-
The descendants of Silas Peace, 1775 to 1968, including the following families related to the Peace family either by blood or by marriage: Johnson, Burton, Hedgecock, Payne, Newton, English, Swaim, Pope, McKaughan / by Richard Raymond Peace, Sr. ; revised by Barbara-Anne Steegmuller Johnson. -- [rev. ed.]   Greensboro,N.C. : Arnold Copy Centers, 1978.
FORMAT xii, 318 p. : ill., ports. ; 23 cm.
NOTES Includes index.
Pease, Edith.
The Pease family of Mercer County, Illinois / by Edith Pease. --Decorah, Iowa : Anundsen Pub. Co., c1994
FORMAT 208 p. : ill. ; 24 cm.
NOTES Includes index
Pease, Richards Kenneth, 1915-
Some descendants of Robert Pease and allied families
[Chesterfield, Mo.] : PUBLISHER: R.K. & S.A. Pease, 1997
FORMAT: 133 p. : ill. ; 28 cm.
NOTES: Cover title.
Includes bibliographical references (p. 114-115) and index.
---- The authors have checked in at this website and are listed on the cousins page. He writes about the book: "The first twenty-seven pages of our book are devoted to our Pease line; from Robert Pease of Salem, MA-the immigrant. We stated that the compilation was primarily concerned with the descendants of IsaacPease [4] born in Enfield, CT., and his wife Amy French. Eight allied lines are from New England; Blackman, Britton, Eliot, Penniman, Robinson, Walker, Williams, and Young." See the authors, Richards K. Pease and his sister Shirley Ann Pease, listing on the cousins page.
Pease, Verne Seth, 1856-
The family of Pease in America : continuation of the printed
history from the Pease record to the birth of Robert Nixon Pease, September 29, 1907 / prepared by Verne Seth Pease and addressed to his infant son, Robert Nixon Pease. - [Boscobel? Wis. : s.n., 1908]
FORMAT [4] p. ; 23 cm.
Root, Anna R. (Anna Robertson)
Pease branches
[United States] : A.R. Root,  1991
FORMAT: 1 v. (various pagings) : ill., maps ; 28 cm.
NOTES: "December 1991."
Includes bibliographical references and indexes.
Stearns, Peter Pindar.
Our family : genealogy & memoirs of one branch of the Stearns, Pease, Lamar & Friend families, including the MacKenna & Middleton lines / compiled by Peter Pindar Stearns. -- 2nd ed.,corr. and enl. -- Baltimore : Gateway Press, 1994.
FORMAT viii, 79 p. : ill. ; 24 cm.
NOTES Includes bibliographical references and index.
Stearns, George Chapin
A family memorial, containing the history and genealogical records of branches of the Stearns, Chapin, Reynolds, Parsons and Pease families, originating in New England. Buffalo, N.Y., 1891. 68 p.
--- William Pease reports that he located this in the Buffalo and Erie County Public Library in Buffalo (July, 1998) There is no doubt a connection to the Peter Stearns book above, perhaps a first edition or a work continued by a relative.
Teagarden, Earl H. (Earl Hicks), 1895-
A partial record of the Pease-Pees families / prepared by Earl H.Teagarden. -- Manhattan, Kan. : Teagarden, 1979.
188 p. : ill., maps, ports. ; 28 cm.
NOTES Supplementary to the book compiled by John W. Anthony in 1931.Includes indexes and supplement.
Cox, Louis Sherburne, 1874-
A New Hampshire branch of the Pease family, being the results of a search for the ancestors of Patty Pease who married John Pickering of Barnstead, New Hampshire. No imprint, 1947. 2 microcards.
---- William Pease reports that he located this in the Buffalo and Erie County Library in Buffalo.(July, 1998)


I would be remiss in not including this tract on the English Branch of the Pease family. As stated elsewhere on these pages, the connection between the English and American branch of the Pease family is not documented, there is very strong evidence that they could be connected sometime in 15th century with a family in or around Great Baddow. The story of a branch of the family which left Great Baddow in the late 1500's to Darlington by the late 1700's by way of Fishlake is fascinating. This book is not genealogy, it is history:

Kirby, M. W.
Men of business and politics : the rise and fall of the Quaker Pease dynasty of north-east England, 1700-1943
London ; Boston : Allen & Unwin, 1984.
FORMAT xv, 167 p. : ill., ports. ; 23 cm.
NOTES Includes index. Bibliography: p. [152]-159.