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Abstracts which contain the
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Thanks to the efforts of Julie Pease Galipeau, we are able to provide the abstracts of wills that contain the surname Pease and it's variations which appear in the volumes of wills compiled by F. G. Emmison. Also included is the abstract of the will of Richard Hyches, who was the father-in-law of John Pease "The Clothier" (abt 1540-1616), perhaps the earliest Pease we have good information about. Comments are included to the left of the abstracts which Julie has graciously typed out.

A summary of the Introduction to Emmison's volumes explains his work:

As the first volume of a new series of Wills in the Essex Record Office, England, originated in some of the books issued by that Office, compiled by myself, and entitled ELIZABETHAN ESSEX, it seems desirable to say a few words about them.

Volumes I and II contain the quintessence of the records of the Quarter Sessions and the Archdeaconry Courts, which deal respectively with secular and religious crimes and offences (DISORDER and MORALS OF THE CHURCH COURTS).

Volume III comprises selections. One part draws on the archives of the Manor Courts (HOME, WORK AND LAND).  The other part is based on my reading of some thousands of Essex Wills and gives extracts throwing light on many aspects of family life.

All three books illustrate the conditions under which Englishmen lived; all have full indexes. The success of the series led to two final volumes: full abstracts of about 600 Wills, mainly of the upper classes, preserved in the Public Record Office (Volume IV WILLS OF ESSEX GENTRY AND MERCHANTS) and the Essex Record Office (Volume V WILLS OF ESSEX GENTRY AND YEOMEN).

While this may explain the volumes, in might be added that part of Emmison's goal was to provide a look at how 16th century Englishmen lived. The following abstracts do just that. They are entertaining, instructive and provide clues to the scholar as to family relationships. (12-26-2000: Links that were here to http://privatewww.essex.ac.uk/~esfh/genuki/xxxxxx are no longer valid, but anyone interested in Essex history should explore http://www.genuki.org.uk/big/eng/ )

Volume I, Wills of the County of Essex (England), Volume 1, 1558-1565

Lambourne End, now in Greater London, is about 18 miles south west of Chelmsford. JOHN PEACE of Lambourne yeoman, 17 Aug. 1558. To 12 of the poorest householders 6s. 8d. each. To "Mr. Parson" of Lambourne for tithes negligently forgotten 6s. 8d. I give £10 to be bestowed in the highways from Abridge [in Lambourne] to Arneways [now Arnolds in Lambourne] by the advice of some in the parish. To Agnes BRODHURST my kinswoman and Agnes BLOSHAM £6 13s. 4d. each at marriage. To John COBBE and John BRUER each 20s. Alice my wife shall have my house at Lambourne End and my two tenements in Whitechapel [in London] for life; after her decease, to William PEESE my brother. She shall have my lease of Huntes and Pryers Bush Field for life; after, to William PEASE for the residue of my term. I make my wife and my brother PEACE my executors [incomplete].

A JOHN PEASE was a witness to the will of THOMAS HERINTONNE of Great Baddow white tawer, 24 May 1560.

A JOHN PEASE was a witness to the will of JOHN OW[G]HAM of Great Baddow "poulter" [poulterer], 7 Jan 1559/60.

JOHN PEASE of Springfield the elder, yeoman, 16 Feb. 1560/1. To the poor people of Springfield 2s. Margaret my wife shall have my lands and tenement until John my son is 21 and towards the bringing up of my children and keeping it in necessary reparations. She shall have my lease until my son William is 21, then to him, on condition that he pay to the child if she be with child and it live to 21 or marriage £10; if not or it die before, the £10 to Richard my son at 21. To John my 2 sorrel colts to be sold and the money to be employed for a stock for him. To Richard £15 at 21. To mother RENOLDE 2s., Richard WELDE 12d., WATKINS' wife 12d., Robert STEVENS my godchild 12d., and Mary PEASE 12d. I will that he whose chance shall be to marry my wife shall be bound to my brother [in-law] John SAMPFORTHE and Lawrence ROCHELL with two sureties in £100 for the well bringing up of my children and payment of my legacies. The residue of my goods to my wife, whom I make my executrix. I ordain my brother John SAMPFOURTHE overseer. [No witnesses].

A JOHN PEASE was the writer of a will made by MAUD STURGEN of Great Baddow widow, 10 Apr. 1563.

A JOHN PECE was a witness to the will of JOHN CLARKE of Woodham Ferrers, 15 Aug. 1563.

Norton Mandeville is about 10 miles north west of Chemsford. JOHN CAWSTONE of Norton Mandeville [recte Cold Norton] yeoman, 1 Feb 1560/1. To the poor people of Norton 6s. 8d. To every town and parish within the hundred of Dengie, to the poor men's box, as followeth, to Stow Maries 3s. 4d., North Fambridge 3s. 4d., Cold Norton 3s. 4d., the town of Maldon 30s. and I desire the two bailiffs or some other by their appointment to see the distribution thereof, Mundon 3s. 4d., Latchingdon and Lawling 20s., Althorne 6s. 8d., Creeksea 20d., Burnham 13s. 4d., Southminster 13s. 4d., Asheldham 3s. 4d., Dengie 3s. 4d., Tillingham 5s., Bradwell 6s. 8d., St. Lawrence 3s. 4d., Steeple and Stansgate 5s., Mayland 20d., Woodham Mortimer and Hazeleigh 5s., and Woodham Walter 3s. 4d.; to be distributed by the churchwardens thereof. To every of my sisters a ring of gold 6s. 8d. with a death's head enamelled and to their husbands as much. To Richard PECE and his wife, my father- and mother-in-law, 13s. 4d. each to make a ring of gold with a death's head enamelled. To Mr. William POREG and his wife 13s. 4d. likewise, to William FERYNG 6s. 8d. likewise, and to John HYXE pewterer of "Slatere" and his wife 13s. 4d. likewise. I will that Ellen my wife shall have the keeping and bringing up of my five children, i.e. Matthew, Nathaniel, Jonathan, Jeremy and Jane, and she to have the yearly profit that cometh of my farm at Northy [Island, Malden] which is £12 a year, £6  a year out of the profit of my half farm of "Stanffordes" [Stamford in Latchingdon], and the profit of my land in St. Lawrence called "Tawneies" which is £3, until they come to their full age to enter on such lands and farms; and she to put them forth with the help of my executors to some honest occupation, and then to be bound with some honest and godly masters. If she refuse to bring them up, my executors to receive the said profits of £21 a year and keep them, i.e. to find my four boys some honest school as abovesaid, and the girl to be brought up to "sheppying", sewing and such other faculty and housewifery, which I will my wife to keep, and she be allowed £3 a year out of the said profits of £21 until she be of age to enter some good man's service. To my wife my lands called "Cawnlandes" with the profits in Lawling for her life, paying the lord's rent and keeping the outmarks, saving it from strip and waste; on condition that she shall not take her dowry in the rest of my lands. To my wife my best featherbed saving one and therewith the best joined bedsteadle that I have at Norton in the chamber above the hall with 3 heads carved and joined in the head thereof, with the trendle bedstead to the same belonging in the maid's chamber, 2 of the best featherbeds that she brought with her, and a bedstead of walnut wood at Maidstone [co. Kent], and the bedstead with the tester of yellow satin and black damask. (note from Julie: there was an additional document enclosed in the will, but I have not cited it here. If you feel you need it, let me know, but no mention of a Pease is included)
Great Braxted is about nine miles northeast of Chelmsford. EDWARD BOWSEY of Great Braxted, 17 July 1564. To Joan my wife my houses and lands in Springfield for her life; after her decease, to Edward my son as my father left them to me. I will that my lands, viz. 3 roods of meadow in Westele Mead that I bought of Richard PEASE, 3 acres of land in Long Land, 2 acres lying in partable Hardinges and half an acre in Kewton Mead [in Springfield] that I bought of my brother Robert PEASE, 3 acres in Long Land [Lane?] that I bought of Mr. RAYNOLDES of Chelmsford, and 4 acres of land called Samfordes Crofts that I bought of Edward SOLME of Sandon remain after my wife's decease to Jerome BOWSEY my youngest son. To my daughters, Margaret, Anne and Mary each £20. The residue of my goods to my wife, towards the bringing up of my children, whom I ordain my executrix. Witnesses: Robert STEPHEN, William COCKE, John HAMMAND, William DEKES.

Also in Volume I is the abstracted will of Richard Hyckes:

RICHARD HYCKES of Great Baddow, 12 Dec. 1558

Towards the mending of the steeple [i.e. tower] these 20s. To "Eme" my wife my houshold stuff and implements, except 1 featherbed in the parlour, which I will to John HICKES my son. To my wife 10 of the best beasts, a bull and 10 ewes at her choice. To her 5 quarters of good wheat, 5 quarters of oats and 2 quarters of barley, to be delivered by my executors at her dwelling-house in Baddow out of my farm called Sir Hewes during the term of my lease of the farm. To her £10 in gold and £10 in money; my better bay mare and all the corn and hay, and all other movables in and about my house that I dwell in. To her my freehold land called Pearke Field and two meadows adjoining (13 acres) now enclosed, for her life; after her death Pske Field and the meadows to John my son. To her 3 acres of meadow in Baddow called Dorans (or Durrans) Hope, for her life; after, to Francis HICKES my son. To her the carriage of 16 loads of wood to be laid where she dwelleth in Baddow. To Francis my tenement and lands in Purleigh held by copy of court roll of the manor of Purleigh. To Margaret HICKES and Dorothy HICKES my daughters £22 at marriage. To Priscilla HICKES my daughter 40 marks at marriage. To Joan JURDAYNE my eldest daughter £10. to Margery SOMME my daughter £10. To John my son £10 in gold. To Francis my grey mare called Jugg. To "Sir" ANSON my curate of Baddow 10s. To Thomas HYCKES my kinsman 26s. 8d. To VALENTINE's wife and WILLIAM's wife each 6s. 8d. to Thomas CORNE, William DUNTON, "Maute" [Mante?] COURTEMAN and Alice TOLLER each 3s. 4d. To Robert FRAUNCES of London an old angel of gold. To John OSKE of Orsett an old angel of gold. My executors shall bestow in penny dole to the poor people at each day of my burial and months' day 40s. over and besides the charges of priests and clerks, which I will shall be honestly done and plenty. My executors at their discretion shall distribute on Good Friday next after my death in the honor and remembrance of Christ's death and passion to the poor people of this parish 13s. 4d. They shall give to 20 of the poorest households 20 bushels of wheat at Christmas next after my death, and shall bestow in penny doles at my year's mind to the poor people besides the priests' and clerks' bread, drink and cheese as aforesaid. To John and Francis equally my lease of Sir Hewes with the profits except as before excepted. The residue of my goods to them equally, whom I make my executors, and Robert PASCALL my overseer and for his pains 20s. To each of my three daughters Margaret, Dorothy and Priscilla a farrowable beast when the lease ceases. [No witnesses].

Volume II  Wills of the County of Essex (England) 1565-1571

RICHARD PEASE was witness to a Will made by ELLEN RUNCH of Horndon (on-the-Hill) widow, 1568.

WILLIAM PESE of Walthamstow, yeoman, was witness to a Will made by JOHN HIGGINS of Wanstead, yeoman. October 19, 1567.

RICHARD PEASE was witness to a Will made by JOHN PAINE of Hatfield Peverel, September 10, 1570. The last line of the Will also states “The residue of my goods to my wife, whom I make my executrix, and Walter Willmot, Alexander Bedle, and RICHARD PEASE my supervisors, and for their pains 10s. apiece.

Volume III, Wills of the County of Essex (England) 1571-1577

Hatfield Peverel is about 6 miles northeast of Chelmsford.

Lawrence White appears to be a cousin of John Pease. Julie notes: "This one I like the best, because I think with some thinking and plotting, we could actually come up with some connections."
In the will of AGNES PAYNE of Hatfield Peverel widow, 31 Jan. 1571/2, Richard PEASE of "Muden" [Mowden] Hall [in Hatfield Peverel] is made her overseer.

A JOHN PEASE was a witness to the will of JOHN JUGE of Great Baddow, 28 March 1571.

LAWRENCE WHITE of Great Baddow glover, 10 Dec. 1571. To the poor of Great Baddow 40s., of Springfield 10s. and of Chelmsford 5s. To William GINKINSON 5s., old FLECHER 5s., my godson Lawrence WOODLYE 10s., Richard GRETER 12d., Joan INGROME my goddaughter 12d., and my kinsman John COLLETT alias DEAVENISHE 10s. To John WHIGHT my brother 100 of sheep's leather, all my lambs' leather, and a pair of my best sheets. To Nicholas EVESGATE my servant 40s. and all my leather and skins that I have in the pits to work. To my prentices William CATHWRAYLE 40s. and William HARKEWOOD 20s. To Joan WEBBE my sister my old kitchen that I bought of Thomas OUGHAN, she agreeing with the lord [of the manor] and having his favour to take it [out] of the ground, and my best coverlet. To my sister Margery SKYNNER an old angel of 10s. To Joan HARRIES, my sister's daughter, 2 of my best platters and a pair of sheets. To Robert STURGEON my landlord for goodwill with the rent that I owe him, to be set off in that sum 20s. To Ralph SOLME my colt that is with him. To William EVES 5s. of the 10s. he oweth me. To John LANCHESHYRE the 8s. that he oweth me that I should have his meadow for in Baddow Mead. To Thomas WHITE my brother the bargain of my houses and lands that I bought of Thomas OWGHAN except the kitchen before excepted and the £10 which I have paid in part payment to him to surrender it to Thomas. To him the debt which "Aberencke" PAGE of Suffolk doth owe me for wool, except 3s. 4d. which I give to him, also the money which my brother William WHITE doth owe me which is £3 towards the payment of the said purchase. To John COOKE my landlord a dozen of sheep's leather for doublets. To Anne BEADES widow 10s. To Lawrence WEBBE my godson 20s., James SPILLMAN my uncle 10s. and my aunt TANNER 10s. To Agnes DORYVALL my kinswoman my joined bedsteadle and the featherbed that I lie on. To my brother William the wheat growing on my land at Springfield called Paynes. My cousin John DEAVNISHE shall have the keeping of the bed and bedsteadle until Agnes is 18; if she decease before, to Lawrence my godson. to my landlord John KOOKE's children 3s. 4d. apiece. To Margaret TENDARINGE a pair of sheets, 2 kettles. To Richard TENDERINGE 5s., my cousin John PEASE's children 10s. apiece, goodman John HYLES' children 12d. apiece, my landlord Robert STURGEN's two children 2s. and Richard WATSONNE 12d. To my neighbour John BALARD 3s. 4d. and my old cloak. The residue of my goods to John PEASE, my kinsman John WHITE, my brother and Thomas WHITE my brother, whom I make my executors. To William WEBBE and Hester WEBBE, my sister's children, 2 pewter platters apiece. To Nicholas EVESGATE my servant the bargain of "weare" [ware?] that I have bought of my butchers until Shrovetide. I ordain John HILLS my overseer and for his pains 10s. To my aunt Anne PEASE 40s. Witnesses: Robert STURGEN, John COOKE, Richard WATSONNE, Nicholas EVESGATE. [No probate clause]

Many thanks to Julie Pease Galipeau for providing the above.

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