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Miller History

Schools in Miller Beach

Tim Tracy's Wirt Alumni site.

Tim's site is the best place to go for Wirt information.

What happened to the Memorial Pages? Ron Shamel started a set of memorial pages about the same time that these pages were launched, but as of February of 2007 they have disappeared from the web. Tim Tracy has a memorial site on his pages at

The Charter School of the Dunes

Gary Community School Corporation Home Page

Wirt High School:

The following are some rather old contacts which may or may not be active:

Class of 1971:
Contact Randee (Cohen) Pri-Tal or
Vicki Kaufman

Class of 1983: Call 219-883-4403

Class of 1988: Call 317-233-0343 or 219-885-4264 ext. 406

Class of 1987:

Tim Tracy has a website for Reunions - check it out at Reunion Headquarters. Check out Tim's Wirt High Screen Saver - pictures of the school in a screen saver! It's available at the above link to Tim's site. 

These email addresses and phone numbers. are several years old:  Candace Wise[] 938-8662 or Katrina Brinker 938-7965.

If you're looking for old classmates for any school check out It's a website devoted to linking classmates.

[Drama masks]

Of special interest to Gary and Miller people:
The Friends of Emerson
Visual and Performing Arts School .

[Drama masks]