Welcome to Miller Beach
Gary, Indiana

Just East of the Steel Mill
Just West of the National Park

 Miller Beach is the eastern most neighborhood of Gary, Indiana. It's some 50 years older than Gary, one of the nation's youngest cities, founded in 1906. In the dunes of Northwest Indiana, Miller is only 45 minutes from Chicago's Loop, is surrounded on the east and west by National Lakeshore Park (with a corridor through Miller), and has one of the best beaches in the midwest.

These pages were launched in the late 1990s. At that time the internet was in it's infancy and I tried to establish pages that reflected the community of Miller. Much has changed since then. The internet has exploded with information. At this point there are almost a dozen Facebook pages that have something to do with Miller Beach. At the turn of the millennium not even the City of Gary had a web page, nor did businesses or organizations.

So, in a major re-coding and re-writing of these pages now in 2015, I will by-in-large confine myself to Miller History, but will continue to keep certain links and pages for businesses and organizations. I hope you find these pages useful. Use the navigation above or go directly to the History page table of contents.

Indiana Traffic Cameras Real Time - Choose 'Northwest' button when you launch

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What does the bouy in Lake Michigan say?
Lake Michigan Water Buoy Link Image

(Buoy at Burns Harbor, about 5 miles east of Miller Beach.)

Marquette Park Beach information from IDEM
Closures and Advisories, Samplings and more.
The Beach Guard doesn't seem to be working right. (Jan. 2020) The above link is to where it should be working.

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