The start of the 1574 will of William Talbot & the start of the 1822 will
of his 6th great-grandson William Talbot.

Wills and Documents
Pertaining To The

Talbot Family of Broadmayne and Little Mayne
Dorset 1574 to 1823

An Appendix
to The Talbots of Broadmayne & West Knighton,
Dorset, England

While the parish registers of Broadmayne only begin in the 1660s with Baptisms, Marriages and Burials, one must turn to wills, which like obituaries, often name family relationships. We are fortunate to have the wills of William (I) and William (II). The family relationships are named in the text on the main page and repeated here.

Unfortunately, there are few other wills in the direct line(s). Mary, the wife of William (VI) who died intestate in 1733, left a will in 1756. Richard Talbot (d. 1775), her brother-in-law, left a will in 1775. However, turning to wills left by siblings and children, a number of family relationships can be established. Those are provided here, the original wills and summaries by Dan where needed.

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William (I) ca 1520-1574

William’s will of 10 June 1574 proved on the 29th of September, 1574, names his brother Thomas. One part of his estate, four tenements, he gave to Thomas in return for the contribution to the purchase of the whole estate. He names as his sons William (II -below), John, George, daughter Elizabeth and “the rest of my daughters” (not named but all daughters have yet to marry. Alice Talbot - ‘one of the rest of my daughters’, married Richard Stevens who is named in his son William (II)’s will. He names his wife Christian Talbot heir to all the rest of the goods and chattels not bequeathed and she to be sole executrix. He also names five ‘overseers’ and seven witnesses including Thomas Talbot who is both an ‘overseer’ and a witness, presumably his brother.

William (II) d. 1616

William’s will of September 15, 1615 and proved a little more than four and a half months later on February 3rd, is very instructive as to his family. Besides William, “mine eldest son” [William (III) below] he names John as his youngest son [not yet 21] and his son Edmond in an apprenticeship. Four daughters are named, none of whom are married as of the date of the will: Alice, Anne, Elizabeth, and Edith. The order of birth is unknown except the eldest, William born 1591, and John, the youngest born 1609. ⁠ (Footnote: William (II) children: William was 32 at the Visitation of 1623, John’s from Oxford Alumni records. Edmund was in an apprenticeship in London and would have been born between 1602 and 1608. )

Other relationships are made clear: his sister Elizabeth is named Elizabeth Younge of Toller Porcorum. ⁠ (Footnote: In her brother John’s will of 1682 she is named Elizabeth Williams of Poole, presumably a second marriage. ) John Talbot named ‘my own brother.’ Three brothers-in-law are named to be overseers: Richard Henning; Edmond Dashwood, merchant of Dorchester [married to Tomazin Henning, wife Alice’s husband who was also Mayor of Dorchester at one point]; Richard Stevens of East Chaldon. William Morris is named “kinsman” – an ambiguous term.

Children of William Talbot (II)

John Talbot MA (1609-1684) - Son of William (II)

  1. Will dated 3 Feb 1681/82. Proved Sept 15, 1684.
  2. Names kinsman James Talbot*, sister Elizabeth Williams of Poole**, kinsman William Talbot of Little Mayne (named executor)***.
    *Likely his nephew James, son of his brother Richard. **Likely a second husband as she is named Elizabeth Younge of Toller Procorum in her brother’s (William (II)) will. ***William is likely his nephew (William IV).
  3. Witnessed by Honora Talbot (likely his niece,d/o brother William (III)), Mary Roberts, Francis Miller.

Edmond Talbot (d. 1636) - Son of William (II)

  1. Will dated 22 October 1635, proved 1636
  2. Names Wife Edith; Brothers William and John; Cousin Robert Napper*; Kinsman Matthew Paige**, Edward Warham, Steven Ward; Uncles Mr. Richards and Mr. Robert Henning.
    *Married to Katherine Warham. **Mathew (1620-1662) son of Edmund’s sister Anne and her husband William Paige.
  3. Witnesses: Robert Henning, John Talbot, Richard Talbot, Avis Talbot.

Children or wives of children of William (V - d. 1714)

Richard Talbot (1697-1775)

  1. Guardianship (of William VII) document of 1743.
  2. Will dated 30 Jan 1773 - proved 8 April 1775.
  3. Names sons Richard, William, James and Stephen Talbot. Names grandchildren by son William: Mary and James. Names grandson [son of son Stephen] executor.
Guardianship document.
Readable will

William Talbot (VI) d. 1733 intestate. Son of William (V)

Dying intestate only two documents relate to his death:

  1. Inventory of his estate dated 1731.
  2. Administration of his estate by his wife Mary in 1733.



Mary Talbot née [-?-] (d. 1756) Wife of William (VI)

  1. Will dated 2 Nov 1754, proved 5 Aug 1756.
  2. Names daughters Mary Talbot (executrix), Elizabeth Sherrin*. Grandson John Talbot**.
    *Wife of James Sherrin born 1704, but there no primary evidence of the marriage. **Daughters and grandson are step-daughters and step-grandson by husband’s first wife Ann Lush. Some say he is the John Talbot who married Rebecca Lowman in Puddletown in 1787 but this is very questionable.
  3. Witnesses: Jac: Butter, Elizabeth Bancks, Barbara Sherrin.

William Talbot (1724-1781) - Son of William (VI)

  1. Ward of Richard Talbot - 1743 - see Richard above.
  2. Will dated 22 March 1777, codicil added same day, proved 7 March 1781.
  3. Names unmarried daughters Elizabeth, Jane, Susanna; Mary the wife of Walter Spicer. Names sons George and William. Names James Sherrin and William Thresher joint executors. (Probated 7 March 1781 by James Sherrin and Walter Spicer who are then the named joint executors.) (Both Susanna and George died between the writing of the will and the William’s death.) Names grandson Robert Talbot Spicer, son of daughter Mary.

William Talbot (VIII 1769-1823) - son of William (VII) and Hannah Chant, his second wife.

  1. Will dated July 20, 1822, codicil one added August 7, 1822, codicil two added April 15, 1823. Proved in Bristol Consistory 22 May 1824. " I William Talbot of the Parish of Osmington..."
  2. This will is significant in the clause “I dispose of as follows. My two estates, consisting of the great and small tithes at Little Mayne, certain [farm] lands in Broadmayne I give and bequeath unto my Eldest Son William. nb [note well] the stock upon the latter estate is the private property of my son William..." which shows the continuity of the presence of the family in Broadmayne over at least two centuries.
  3. Names wife Elizabeth, son William (executor), daughter Susanna Towsay, son Francis who is evidently a minor not yet apprenticed. [Susanna has children [2], William has yet to marry.]
  4. Codicils: 1. Has to do with wife Elizabeth’s allowance. 2. Has to do with daughter Susanna’s bequest.



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