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Lester Thornly Richardson was my Grandfather.
Don Raymond
Seeking identify of parents of Abijah Pease. He was born in Maine on Sept. 28, 1802: d. Sept. 15, 1887 in St. George, Me. He is first noted as a witness on a 1822 Vinalhaven, Me., deed from Thomas Brown, physician, to Seba Pease (son of Havilah who is sib of Mary and Samuel all formerly of MVineyard and then of Vinalhaven Island, Me.). Mar. Love Ann "Lovey" Brown 25 April 1826 on Vinalhaven. In 1830 Vinalhaven census he was mistakenly listed as "Elijah". Also at same census # is widow of Samuel Pease Jr.(Elizabeth Pierce and her two babes). He had three Vinalhaven land conveyances and he is on the 1840 census. Later (1850-60) rem to St. George, Me. They had following children: Isaac R., Hannah Jane, Warren, Abijah Jr., Serena, Julia A., Esther W., Irene R., Mary A., Bethia, William Mason, Lizzie E. and Charles Howard. Robert A. Pease

Robert Pease (1565-1623) & Margaret King(1573-1644)
John Pease & Lucy Weston
James Pease & Elizabeth Norton
Mary Pease & Isaac Chase
Nathan Chase & Parnell Long
Thomas Chase & Sarah Claghorn
James Chase & Mercy Godfrey
Sally Chase & Joseph McCleave Sr
Joseph McCleave Jr & Mary Ann Fisher
Reuben McCleave & Elizabeth Barnard
Benjamin McCleave & Eunice Appleton
Frederick McCleave & Florence Sherman
Elizabeth McCleave & Nikolai Bertasz
Robert Nathan Bertasz
Nathan Bertasz

Nathan's web page

Robert Pease (1485-1547) & Joan ( -1552)
John Pease (1510-1556) & Anne ( -1591)
John Pease (1540-1612) & Margaret Hyckes ( -1612)
Robert Pease (1565-1623) & Margaret King (1574-1644)
Robert Pease (1589-1644) & Marie (
John Pease (130- & Anne Cummings ( -1689)
Isaac Pease (1672-1731) & Mindwell Osbourne (1672-1731)
Cummings Pease (1715-1808) & Elizabeth Pease (1717-
Ebeneezer Pease (1748-1838) & Rebecca Hills
(Ebeneezer Pease (1773- & Abigail Kibbe 
(Alanson Pease(1799-1848) & Nancy S. Jeffers (1805-1865)
John Nelson Pease (1837-1886) & Emilie Darrow (abt.1840-
Charles A. Warner (1856-1938) & Cecelia Pease (1866-1940)
Clyde Neese (1881-1915) & Florence Emilie Warner (1889-1916)
Elliott Carey Neese (1911-1960) & Ruth Jones (1911-1998)
Mary-Eleanor Neese (1945- & James Swan (1942-
Barb Swan (1967- ) & Randy Toppozini (1966- )
Barb Toppozini
Robert & Hannah (Warriner) Pease 1669-1745
Nathaniel & Marriam (?) Pease 1700-????
Joel and Betsy Campbell Pease 1737-1828
Abel & Lucy (Martin) Pease 1762-1839
Ebenezer & Pame(I)la (Wandle) Pease 1786 -1862 (To Illinois from NY) 
Calvin & Mary (Tincher) Pease
Calvin Pease, g grandson of Calvin and Mary Pease

"The lineage seems pretty firm except the linkage between Robert (1669) and Nathaniel (1700) and what happened to him."

Any cousin with more information, please chime in  
My Grandfather was Warren William Henry Pease born Jan 27,1864 in New York and was married to Gertrude Bell Kirkpatrick. The only reference we have on his father is the term "Lord Pease" who we believe was married to a Bridelia Vandyke. 
Anyone have any ties to Warren as a brother or son.
Rod Neal is looking for cousins:
1 Richard Grant Cleaveland:1926
2 LeRoy Adams Cleaveland: 1899-1999 & Suzayne Margaret Calligan1904-1977 
4 John Monroe Cleaveland: 1869-1939 & Sarah 'Sadie' Arphina Pease1871-1958
10 Chauncey O. Pease1825-1886 & Arvilla E. Adams 1830-1883
20 Abel Pease1784-1868 & Lucy F. Laughlin1789-1853
40 Ebenezer Pease1748-1840 & Rebecca Hill 1750 1837
80 Cummings Pease1715-1808 & Elizabeth Pease1717-1754
160 Issac Pease1672-1731 & Mindwell Osborn1672/3-?.
162 John Pease1678-1761 & Elizabeth Spencer1686/7-1728
320 John Pease1631/2-1689 & Ann Cummings 1645-1689
Richard Grant Cleaveland can be reached at
Visit Dick's website at
Robert, John, Robert, Samuel, Nathaniel, Nathaniel, Grove A., Albert J. & Ellen Matilda PEASE. Ellen Matilda PEASE m. David J. BOND. Their daughter Lilla Stevens BOND m. Henry Hayden BUSBY. Their son, Nelson Myers BUSBY m. Jane Elizabeth ISETTS. These are my grand-parents. Calling all cousins... Laura McGee
is looking for cousins. 
I believe I've figured this correctly according to the book by David Pease, descendants of John Pease: Robert Pease & Margaret King > Robert Pease & Marie Rodans (not sure on maiden name) > John Pease & Mary Goodall > Robert Pease & Abigail Randall > Samuel Pease & Elizabeth Warner > Samuel Pease & Zeruiah Chapin > Eli Pease & Eunice Bigbee > Eli Pease & Lydia King > Morris Pease & Ada Baldwin > Mervin Pease & Carrie Williams > Mervin Pease & Gladys Downer (my grandparents) > Roger Pease & Leslie Abbott (my parents)

Taira is especially interested in Samuel Pease and Elizabeth Warner and their descendants. 

My grandfather Mervin was married a second time to Ruth Jacqueline Parkman Hale, I believe he had a few children with her but not sure. I'm looking for anyone who has information or relation on above.
Taira Pease

a.. James B. PEASE + Mary MALLETTE (m. Feb. 3, 1869), Somers, Conn., Methodist Episcopal Church 
b.. Maurice Elmer PEASE (1871-?), Somersville, CT + Mary Elizabeth SYKES (b.1874, Bedford, England) 
c.. Ethel Henrietta PEASE, (1898-1979.) Hartford, CT +George Harry KEITH (1891-1936) [CT to MA] 
d.. George Edward KEITH (1921-LIVING) + Norma Constance HEALEY (1926-LIVING) [MA to TX} 
e.. Nancy Gail KEITH, (1947-LIVING) + Joe Wayne WALLACE (1946-LIVING) 
f.. Kerry Keith WALLACE (1969-I'm still here, too
Kerry Wallace is looking for cousins in this line of James B. Pease.
Robert PEASE (1565 - 1623) & Margaret KING (1573-1644) 
John PEASE (1608-1689) & Mary BROWNING (about 1610 -1653)
Samuel PEASE (1655-1706)& Elizabeth 
Nathaniel PEASE (1690-1748) & Phebe SANBORN (1706-) 
Samuel PEASE(1727-1805) & Dolly 
Nathaniel PEASE (1749- ) & Martha GILMAN 
Joseph PEASE (1775-1842) & Lydia DREW (1786-1871) 
Samuel D. PEASE(1807-1878) & Martha MOULTON (1812-1894) 
Samuel James PEASE (1836-1904) & Sarah Jane RANDALL (1842- ) 
Francis R. PEASE (1863-1925) & Mabel SHERBURN (1868-1956) 
Glenn Francis PEASE (1906-1989) & Theda Louise HOWARD (1906- ) 
Howard Glann PEASE ( 1929 - ) & Barbara Robie (1932 -) 
Katherine Ann Pease (1954 -) & Thomas Michael YEO (1951-)
Kathy (Pease) Yeo 
Abraham Pease (1791-1843) & (1) Orpha Southwick
Abraham Pease (1791-1843) & (2) Dorothea Lathrop (1805-1832)
Shaw Pease (1828-1890) & Amanda Pettus(1832-1899)
Adoniram Judson Pease ( 1854-1920) & Fredericka W. Bruce(1847-1913)
Mary Albert is descended from this line. She is looking for the parents of Abraham. Contact her at
Looking for descendants of Philander (b. 1820). Here's the line: Robert (ca 1485), John (1510), John (ca 1540), Robert (ca 1562), Robert (1589), John (1631), Jonathan (1669), Pelatiah (1709), John (1749), Lyman (1784), Philander (1820), Levant (1863), Norval (1910), me: LaVonne Pease Neff (1948). LaVonne Pease Neff
Francis Diognon-Tourier, in France, is looking for information about what happened to his grandfather, William Page Pease (born 11 June 1895 in Rutland, VT) son of
George F. Pease (born 1858) and Alice Batchelder - George the son of
Aaron Gaylord Pease (1811-1877 - Canaan, Ct & Rutland, VT)

Aaron's ancestry goes back to the earliest Peases. 

Francis never knew his grandfather or what became of him, but knows from whom he is descended in the Pease line. He writes:

"William Page Pease was a G.I. He came in France in 1917 with the American Expeditionary Force and fought in the "tranchées". I hope to be able to get his record from the French Army. Who knows? During 1918 he met a French girl, Marguerite Hautelin, they married in early 1919 and my mother was born in January 1920. Now he went back to the States a few years later and they divorced in 1929."

Shortly after contacting me (Steve - the Webmaster), I did some searching in's subscription databases. Francis had told me that his grandfather had been sighted sometime in the 50's or 60's in Florida, so I searched the Florida Death Index and turned up William Page Pease's death certificate. William had siblings: Aaron G. Pease born in 1889, Harold F. Pease born in 1893, George Batchelder Pease, born in 1899, and Edward Andrew Pease, born in 1891. Any cousins out there?

Francis' has a website at

or can be reached at
My ggg-grandparents (Levi Pease & Caroline Pease) were both Peases – third
cousins who married! Levi Pease’s ancestry was as follows:

Robert Pease (1589-1644) & Lydia West
John Pease (1631-1689) & Ann Cummings
Isaac Pease (1672-1731) & Mindwell Osborn
Ezekiel Pease (1710-1799) & Hannah Chandler
Henry Chandler Pease (1737/8-1812) & Ruth Chapin
Oliver Pease (1777-?) & Ruth Hubbard
Levi Pease (1806-1882) & Caroline Pease

And Caroline’s ancestry was as follows:

Robert Pease (1589-1644) & Lydia West
John Pease (1631-1689) & Ann Cummings
Isaac Pease (1672-1731) & Mindwell Osborn
Isaac Pease (1693-1757) & Amie French
Noahdiah Pease (1737-1822) & Tirzah Smith
Alvah Pease (?-?) & Abigail Severance
Caroline Pease (1808?-1897) & Levi Pease

They had three daughters; I descend from their middle child:

Lucy Maria Pease (1837-1917) & David O. Phillips
Lucy Pease Phillips (1864-1942) & Henry Battey Hagan
Josephine Phillips Hagan (1892-1974) & Ernest Edwin Anthony
David Loren Anthony (1925- ) & Elizabeth Boynton Richmond
Judith Diane Anthony (1958 - )
Here's my line so you can add it to the "Cousins" page:

Judith Anthony
1.Robert Pease b. 1485 m. Joan 1508 Great Baddow
2.John Pease b. 1510 m. Ann
3.John Pease b. 1540 m.June 23, 1560 Margaret Hyckes b.1544
4.Robert Pease b. 1565 m. December 10, 1586 Margaret King b. 1570
5.Robert Pease m. Marie(Mary) d. 1644 Salem, Massachusetts
6.John Pease b. 1626 m.July 8, 1669 Ann Cummings
7.Isaac Pease b.1672 m.1691 Mindwell Osborn b. 1673/74
8.Cummings Pease b. 1715 m. 1737 Elizabeth Pease(Robert Pease/Marie>John
Pease/ Mary Goodall>John Pease/Margaret Adams>John Pease/ Elizabeth
Spencer) 9.Cummings Pease b. 1744 m.1780 Thankful Clelland 10.James c.
Pease b. 1791 m.April 22.1829 Mary Terry 11.Jerome Pease b. 1830 m.April
26, 1855 Mary Lucinda Burr 12. Raymond Jerome Pease b. 1876 m. April 8,
1911 Jennie (Genevieve) Mae Moore b. 1893 13. James Reginald Pease b. 1912
m. June 23.1936 Anita Camerlin b. 1919- my parents
Jo-Anne (Pease) Smith
My lineage is:
1-Robert Pease "Weaver" - Sarah
2-Mary Pease (1666) - Electious [Alexander?] Reynolds
3-Electious Reynolds (1705/06) - Charity Caswell
4-Alice Reynolds (1748/49)- Joshua Caswell (1748/49)
5-Joshua Caswell (1783) - Jane Taylor (1792)
6-Lydia Caswell (1809) - Elijah King (1804)
7-Joshua Wellington King (1850) - Mary Eliza Bryant (1848)
8-Orla Clovis King (1889) - Phoebe Athena Crays (1890)
9-Donald Benjamin King (1911) - Betty O'Harra Rosey (1921)
10-Nancy King Ahner (me)
Nancy Ahner

John Levi PEASE (my GG Grandfather was B. 24 Feb. 1834. I do not know
where or who his parents were.
On 30 November 1854 He married Hester Barnes in Pike County, IL. He Died 1869 (?).
Children of Levi & Hester were: 
1.Willliam Henry16 October 1855 
2.Mary A. 14 August1857 
3.John Harvey 21 June 1860 
4.Charles Wesley (my G Grandfather)
5.Gearge G. 25 July 1864 
6.Joseph Kyle 19 October 1866 
7.Sarah J. 29 August 1868
They lived and were Born in New Salem Township.
Have more or less hit a
Brick Wall and I sure could use any Help or info. on this line.

Shirley Vozzello
Our PEASE line: will not bother to put details on the first few well-known
PEASE generations from which we all spring:

I.Robert "The Smythe"
II.John "The Smythe"
III. John "The Clothier"
IV.Robert [1] PEASE + Margaret KING
V.Robert [2] PEASE b 1589 Great Baddow -d. 1664 Salem
       + Lydia WEST
VI.John PEASE b 1631/2 Great Baddow -d 1689 Enfield Conn
       + Mary GOODALE b @1633 Salem -d 1688/9 Salem
VIIMary PEASE 1658 Salem - d?
       + Hugh PASCO b 1646 Cornwall -d 1706 Enfield Conn
VIII John [1] PASCO b 1689 Salem - d 1782 Conn
       + Rebecca TERRY b @1692 Conn -d 1755 Stafford Conn
IXJohn [2] PASCO b 1722 Stafford Conn - d aft 1800 Washington Co NY
       + Deliverance WHITE b 1721 Norton Mass -d after 1800 Wash Co NY X 
 SARAH PASCO b 1761 Stafford Conn - d bef 1829 in?
       + met unknown SMITH
XIICHABOD SMITH b 1782 Springfield Mass - d 1856 Peoria co, Ill
       + Anna May HARKNESS b 1790 Stamford VT - d 1837 Peoria co, Ill

and my husband's great grandparents:
XIIICHABOD RUSSELL SMITH b 1831 Crawford Co Ohio - d 1869 Louisa C. Iowa
       + Ruth Emma WOODWARD b 1838 Litchfield Co Conn - d 1901 Oklahoma
I have done extensive work on the female lines in the list, and will be happy to share with anyone connected.  

I have no information on the family of Lydia WEST and would like to hear from anyone who has researched this.

Jan Hall

Janet Hall
Robert Pease (b. 1485) & Joan
John Pease (b. 1510) & Ann
John Pease (b.1540) & Margaret Hycks
Robert Pease (b. 1565) & Margaret King
Robert Pease (b. 1589) & Lydia West
John Pease (b.1631/32) & Ann Cummings
Issac Pease (b. 1672) & Mindwell Osborne
Abraham Pease (b. 1695) & Abigail Warriner
Gideon Pease (b. 1744) & Deborah Meacham
Abraham Pease (b. 1784) & Mary Davis
Billings Pease (b. 1818) & Harriet Maria Clough
Warren Pease (b. 1866) & Jennie V. Harris
Robert Pease (b. 1888) & Sarah Rose Handler
David Pease (b. 1928) & Mary Elizabeth Hawkins
Mark Pease (b. 1956) & Mary Arlene Cress
Sarah Houck (Pease) (b. 1980) - ME!
Sarah Houck 
Abial Homer Pease m. Celestia Moses in Simsbury, CT
2.Homer Pease m. Adelaide Morgan Griswold of New Marlboro
2.Sarah Henrietta Pease –died young
2.Francis Merrick Pease m. Agnes Griswold in Lee, MA
3.Francis Merrick Richardson Pease m. Mary Root
4.Helen Louise Pease m. Leo David Sullivan
5.David Leo Sullivan m. Ruth Mary McLane
6.Suzanna Lynn Sullivan m. James Barber Brown
This is my Pease line, and am interested in connecting to other cousins.
Suzanna Brown
Angelina's husband's line: 1. Robert Pease immigrated on Francis in 1634 from Great Baddow, Essex County England m. Marie ?
2. John Pease b. Salem MA 5/30/1654 d. 7/8/1689 m. Mary Goodell of Salem MA moved and founded Enfield CT
3. Robert Pease b. Salem MA 5/14/1656 d. Enfield CT 1744 m. Abigail Randall, 12/16/1678 moved to Enfield by father
4. Samuel Pease b. Enfield CT 12/30/1686 d. Enfield CT 1770 m. Elizabeth Warner
5. Nathaniel Pease b. Enfield CT 9/29/1728 d. 3/28/1818 m. Eunice Allen 4/24/1755 settled in Norfolk CT between  1760 - 1764
6. Calvin Pease b. Enfield, CT 9/14/1757 moved Canaan CT m. Sally Ives
7. Salmon Pease b. Norfolk CT 6/14/1783 d. 7/23/1857 m. Matilda Huntington moved to Charlotte, VT in fall of 1826. ten children 9 males
8. Aaron G. Pease b. Canaan VT 2/22/1811 m. Anne Page sister of Governor Page of VT, 10/18/1842
9. George F. Pease b. 4/21/1858 d. 4/10/1929 Hartford CT. m. Alice Batchelder 6 children 5 males
10. Edward A. Pease m. Catherine Richards 4 children 3 males
11. Thomas H. Pease b. 1932 m. Susan Butterfield 4 children 3 males
12. William Pease b. 1961 Pittsfield MA m. Angelina (Parker) (me) moved to Suffield CT 1995 (the family line       comes full circle)
13. my children James Pease and Patrick Pease + one daughter
Angelina Parker Pease writes:

We are currently living in the Enfield CT area. If anyone is interested in local history of the Pease family they could contact me. The cemeteries have many late 1700's and 1800's tombstones. The historical libraries containing information on this family including David Pease's book as well as other material. Local history states that the Pease family owned from Somer's mountain to the CT river a strip of land 1 mile wide along what is now the MA border. That is about 10 or 15 miles by 1mile. There are many local stories and several Pease's are pointed to as local colonial to pre-Civil War heroes. So there is a vast amount of information here.

My Pease connection is: 
1.Isaac Pease married Amy French.One of their daughters was
2.Laurani (also spelled Lurana (which is how is was passed down in the family), Luana, or luraini) who married John Gaines(Gaines) in Connecticut.  They had several children, one of whom was 
3.Hannah, who married Edmund Sawtell of Groton Connecticut.They moved the line to New York. Two of their many children were Edmond and 
4.Lurena (Also found as Lurency, Luraina.It seems the females continues different variations of the name Lurana.  Lurena spent her days married to William Dunham in what is now Akron village in Erie County New York. They had at least three children:  Luke, born about 1818 who married a Cornelia and had one son, Francis E.  Laurinda, born in 1814, who married Watkin Powell III of Pennsylvania, but lived mainly in Cincinnati, Ohio.  And the baby of the family was
5.Lucy Sophia Dunham who married Joshua Lacey Wilson Brown in New York.  He was born in Ohio where they located after their marriage.  They moved from Ohio, to Virginia, to Kentucky, and finally to Illinois.(Joshua died while on a visit to children in Brandon, Florida.)  They had 8 surviving children and I would be willing to share the information I have on their descendants, but they are too numerous to name here.Their children were:  Mary E (Beach), Francis M, Lorena Sophia (Edgar, then Morrill), Joseph Edmond (from whom I descend), Harry W, Ada (Castle), Louis William, and Lucy E.
Susan Jennings would love to find a connection in this line of the descendants of Isaac Pease and Amy French.
I'd like to know if anyone has any info about Mary Pease/Samuel Daggett and Samuel M. Daggett and Christena Baker Suprey. Thanks, Linda Mitchell Linda Mitchell
John Wesley Pease b.1853 m. Phebe Laura Goodman 
George Elmer Pease b. 1877 m. Anna Lizzie Houser 
Lillian Edwina Pease b. 1899 m. Harry Albert Pulliam 
Nadine Pulliam b. 1926 m. Gerald K. White 
Linda White b. 1948 m. Gary Watson
Contact Linda Watson
My Pease line:

Nancy's line which she originally posted she has told me was incorrect. See her query to the right.
Nancy McCurdy

I am looking for any information on the parents of Almira Pease, born 1796 in CT. She married Enos Potter approx. 1815. They lived for a while in Glastonbury, CT. They and their children moved to PA about 1838.

1607 - 1644 Robert Pease - Lydia
1630 - 1689 John Pease "Sen" - Mary Goodell
1634 - 1734 John Pease Jr - Margaret Adams
1678 - 1761 John Pease - Elizabeth Spencer
1726 - 1810 John Pease - Bathsheba Jones
1757 - 1824 Gideon Pease - Prudence Sexto
Sherry Bergeron I would love to hear from others researching the Pease family - I have been following all the lines that I have information on and not just my direct line. I have been to the Enfield CT Town hall and viewed many of the vital records and followed my line in VT going to town halls and cemeteries.
Please post my address among the Pease family kinfolk.
I don't know if I'm related to any of your branch of the family, but my paternal grandmother was Martha Jean Pease (married to Monroe Deutsch).  Her parents were:  William Pease & Julia M. Haas, all from Corydon, Indiana.
Kim Deutsch-Kleinsteuber
Olive Myrtle Pease b 25 Jan 1885, Penfield, Clearfield Co, PA - only child, married Benjamin M. King in 1900; had 5 boys and 1 girl; Olive died 26 Oct 1967 in Titusville, PA) William Herman Pease, Jr. b 16 Feb 1852, Elk Co, PA (second child, second son; second husband of Mary Lucinda Bundy; she was his only wife) William Herman Pease, Sr. b 2 Aug 1829, Wilkes-Barre, Luzerne, PA (no knowledge of siblings from here on) Samuel Pease, b 1788 in CT Samuel Pease, b 14 Mar 1760 Glastonbury, Hartford, CT Pelatiah Pease, b 16 Aug 1709 in Enfield, Hartford, CT Jonathan Pease, b 6 Jan 1669 in Edgartown, Dukes, MA John Pease, b 11 Feb 1632 in Great Baddow, Essex, England Robert Pease, b 28 Oct 1589 in Great Baddow, England Robert Pease, b 1565 in Great Baddow, Essex, England John Pease, b 1540 in Great Baddow, Essex, England John Pease, b 1510 in Great Baddow, Essex, England Robert Pease, b 1485 in Great Baddow, Essex, England
Anne Sturgis
Robert Pease m Margaret Hyckes
John Pease m Mary Browning
Sgt Thomas Pease m Bathsheba Merry
Samuel Daggett (1685-1726?) m Mary Pease(1685 - ?)
Seth Daggett (1713-1779) m Elizabeth West (1720-1807)
Nathan Daggett (1745-1838) m Anna Wilkins (1750- )
Thomas West Daggett (1790-1870?) m Hannah Merrill (1796-1880?)
Samuel M.(Merrill?) Daggett (1823-1890?) m Christena "Suppry" Baker (1836-? )
William H. Scoville (1865-1952) m Marion C. Daggett (1874-1974) My Great Great Grandmother
Maybe someone has some information they would like to share.

Please feel free to email me, Sherry Ellen "Rose" Schile

John Pease -        M- Margaret Hicks

Robert Pease-        M- Maria    --- arrived on the Francis.  his age is listed as 27.

John Pease -          M- Ann Cummins - daughter of Isaac Cummins 2nd wife- married - 12-8-1669

Isaac Pease           M - Mindwell Osborn  B-  1-2-1673 Isaac born 17-15-1672

Ezekial Pease       M- Harriett Chandler 2-10-1731 Ezekial B- 6-20-1710

Ezekial Pease       M- Jemima Markham 1-23-1755 - Ezekial born 8-18-1734

Ambrose Pease    M- Sally Kilby 10-24-1813 Ambrose B- 7-21-1772

Louis Pease-         M- Angeline Handy 8-23-1832 Louis B- 11-18-18-08

Henry Pease-        M- Nancy Weir 3-24-1869 Henry B- 913-1849

Jocy Pease-          M- Harvey Fletcher 12-30-1869  Jocy B- 1-21-1878

Margaret Fletcher  M- Ernest Kramer - 4-19-1936 Margaret B- 5-11-19115

Myretta Kramer       B- 10-04-1939

Myretta Kramer provided her line, and along with it a bit of humor with this gravestone epitaph:

 "Under these trees and under these leaves lie the body of Solomon Pease. He shelled out his Soul and gone to God- Nothing here, only his pod."

Jonathan Pease, the son of John Pease (1631-1689) and Mary Goodale (1630-1669).
My line is: 1. RoberT Pease (1565-1623) + Margaret King (1573-1644)
2. Robert Pease (1607-1644) + Marie Browning (1610-1644)
3. John Pease (1630-1689) + Mary Goodale (1630-1669)
4. Jonathan Pease (1669-1721) - mother died in childbirth at age 39 + Elizabeth Booth
5. David Pease (1698-1758) + Elizabeth ? (1708-1752)
6. Cornelius Pease (1735-1811) + Elizabeth Clark (1738-1803)
7. Adam C. Pease (1781-1817) + Abigail Zane
8. Cornelius Pease (1792-1850) + Anna ? (1794-1820)
9. Abigail Pease (1816-1887) + Richard Shone
Barbara Friis writes:
I have not seen anyone yet on the cousins page who descends from Jonathan Pease, the son of John Pease (1631-1689) and Mary Goodale (1630-1669).
Barbara Friis

Jotham Pease (1460-) & Florence Reierson (1465-)
Robert Pease (1485--1547) & Joan (1487-1552)
John Pease (1510-1556) & Ann White (1510-1591)
John Pease (1540-1612) & Margaret Hyckes (1540-1612)
Robert Pease (1565-1623) & Margaret King (1574-1644)
Robert Pease (1589-1644) & Lydia
Robert Pease (1629-1713) & Sarah (1635-1705) Salem Witch Hunt Sarah Pease
Robert Pease (1669-1745) & Hannah Warriner (1674-1774)
Samuel Meacham (1712-1754 & Bethia Pease (1709-1778)
Samuel Meacham (1739-1811) & Pheobe Maine (1747-1843)
Silas Pier (1767-1845) & Anna Meacham (1773-1854)
David Atwood (1810 - ) & Emily Pier (1809-1880)
Silas Atwood (1848- ) & Emma Melissa Dann (1857-1917)
Charles Herbert Gay (1883-1947) & Carrie Atwood (1889-1963)
John Blakley (1924-1990) & Helen Lillian Gay (1931- Living)
Martin Blakley (1957-Living) & Teresa Bautista (1963- Living) Me and my wife

Martin Blakley's Line from Jotham Pease
You can ontact him at
John (1605)
David (1651)
Benjamin (1676)
John (1707)
Prince (1729)
Zebediah (1767)
Martha (1800)
Karen Arnold McPherson - is interested in contacting cousins descended from John Pease, who died in Appleton, Maine, through Martha who married Spencer Arnold in 1817 in Appleton, Maine. The family was in Maine for some time but Zebediah died in Ohio in 1842 where both Martha and Spencer died.

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