1907 - June 3

County commissioners order the incorporation of the towns of Munster and Miller.

1910 - January 26

Gary Annexes Miller

Gary Common Council passes a resolution at a special meeting annexing Miller.

1910 - February 14

Gary takes a hit.

Lake County circuit court enjoins the City of Gary from condemning certain lands in Miller for a park.

1910 - February 16

Miller files remonstrance & lawsuit

The Town of Miller filed a remonstrance in Lake County superior court claiming that Gary has ulterior motives in seeking to annex Miller.

1910 - June 14

Gary Loses in Court - Again

Judge Reiter rules that Gary can't get Miller for two years. Council's ploy to de-annex Miller doesn't work.

1910 - 1911

Miller has many plans for improvements

Now that the big bad Gary City Council is out of the way Miller makes many plans for improvements.

June 1911

Castleman proposes buying the land.

Gary Alderman Maurice Castleman proposes buying the land for half a million dollars.

May 1912

Scheme for a Coney Island Resort

William Crolius announces plans to build a Coney Island at Lake Street Beach.

March 1915

Joint Park Board

Legislature authorizes joint park boards statewide which can levy taxes.

Summer of 1916

New Coney Island Scheme

A great deal of heated controversy over the park land and annexation.

December 1918 - February 1919

Miller Asks to be Annexed - and is.

In a surprise move Miller asks to be annexed. All of Miller behind it.

July 1919

Park Land Acquired

U.S. Steel presents Gary with 116½ acres on the lake front in Miller.

March 7, 1921

Bathhouse contracts signed

Nash-Dowdie company of Chicago signs contract for hydrastone bathhouse.

June 18, 1922

Bathhouse opens formally.

August, 1924

Pavilion opens

Originally called the "Recreation Building" the pavilion opens.

December 1928

Lake Front Park renamed.

Park board president changes park name to Marquette Park.


City acquires remaining park land

Lake Street beach and remaining 88 acres finally acquired.


Bathhouse Restoration begins

Birth of the Aquatorium.