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1. Kitty Branston

Henry Spicer

  • Born: 3 Nov 1838, Tolpuddle, Dorset, England
  • Christened: 4 Dec 1838, Tolpuddle, Dorset, England 51
  • Marriage (1): Kitty Branston 22 Oct 1863 in Affpuddle, Dorset, England 50
  • Died: 29 Aug 1903, Affpuddle, Dorset, England at age 64
  • Buried: St. Laurence's Church, Affpuddle, England 52

bullet   FamilySearch ID: KCZ2-GSC. Find a Grave ID: 93962428.


bullet  General Notes:

A native of Tolpiddle, as it was called in 1838, he evidently moved around some before settling down as the rent farmer of East Farm in Affpuddle, Dorset, England, a farm then part of the Frampton Estates of that town. He leased the farm in 1878, when he was 40 years of age and already the father of five children. His first two children were born in Lytchett Matravers, Dorset, one in Corfe Castle, and his last two childred in County Flint, North Wales, some distance from Dorset. The farm evidently prospered while he was the tenant, for major additions were made to it and it survived a fire in 1890. He was elected chairman of the parish council in 1894 and died of injuries he sustained in a hunting accident in 1903.

East Farm in Affpuddle:
An extensive history of the doings at and of East Farm is in Joan Brocklebanks' book. Of immediate interest is the years between 1878 and 1903 when both improvements and disaster visited the farm: The farm was evidently in serious disrepair when Henry Spicer took it over in 1878, for the Frampton Estate Diary records that in the first year of his occupancy (1879), "East Farm....put into through repair, the outgoing Tenant paying half."

In 1882 a second floor was put to one end of the large barn for the erection of machinery for chaff cutting. And in 1887 the Framptons "built 5 fuel houses to cottages, finding that they had been promised to the poor people for a very long time."

In 1888 a new floor was put down in the barn. The Estate Diary for that year has this curious entry: "The tenant, Mr. H. Spicer agrees to take away the barbed wire he had lately put up, if I consented to forgive him the sum of 37. owing from last half year's rent. This has not been thoroughly carried out."

In 1889 an addition to the house "for Mr. Spicer of East Farm."

But 1890 saw disaster: "Serious Fire at Affpuddle East Farm. Barn, Cart-house, stable, cider house, piggeries all gone. Recovered the sum of 388. from the Insurance Company. Began building the new farm buildings at Affpuddle East Farm in July. They are now finished at a cost of 800." (Frampton Estate Diary, quoted in BROCKLEBANK p 79)

At one point after the death of Henry Spicer the farm was managed by his daughter, Maude Spicer. Then was taken over by Frederic Johnson (husband of Kate) in 1903. (Lena)

In 1914 the Framptons sold the farm to Mr. Ernest Debenham:

"1914. In this year a portion of the property was sold to Mr. E. Debenham for 49,500 with advowson. The following farms comprised in sale, Affpiddle West, Affpiddle East, Rogers Hill, Throop, Tonerspiddle and Bryantspiddle." (Frampton Estate Diary, Harry Frampton, quoted in BROCKLEBANK)

bullet  Research Notes:

Information about the Henry Spicer Family was obtained from Lena Maude Johnson from William James Spicer, Sr. in a visit to England in 1974.

LDS Film numbers:
0241339 - Piddletown census 1841
0241336 - Affpuddle census 1841
1279478 - Affpuddle Bishops transcripts 1734-1879
1565343 - Affpuddle Churchwarden's accounts 1796-1936
1239225 - Piddletown Bishop's transcripts 1738-1880
1565959 - Piddletown Churchwarden's accounts 1656-1887
0496699 (item 7) - Marriages at Piddletown 1583-1812
There are misc. civil records for Piddletown 1683-1836

Often mentioned in the newspaper when he was in Wales. He is given an medal at an agricultural fair for a best pen of sheep and also there are notices from awards offered to growers of Swedes who had purchased manure not less than 2 tons from Henry: e.g. "Offered. by Messrs Newton. Keates, and Co., Sutton Oak Manure Works, St. Helens: For the best five acres of Swedes grown with their manures, to customers who have not purchased less than two tons from Mr Henry Spicer, Ewloe Barn, Mold." (The Wrexham Advertiser, 18 November 1876.)

It figures that he was both a sheep farmer and a horseman in Wales. The September 23, 1871 Wrexham Advertiser long article on the Denbigshire & Flintshire Agricultural Society thirteenth annual show reports that Henry won commentations for pens of sheep. It also mentions that he entered a steeplechase with his nine year old grey mare "Louise," striving to win "For the best hunter, mare or gelding, which should be considered the best performers over hurdles." The article reports he did not win: "Spicer's 'Louise,' led off, ridden by the owner, at the first hurdle it caught the upper rail, which it broke, and the others were cleared but clumsily." (Wrexham Advertiser, 23 September 1871.)

Mentioned in the Advertiser 3 December 1870 that one Joseph Evans, collier of Ewloe, was summoned for trespassing on land in the possession of Mr. Henry Spicer, in search of game.

1890- May 15 a fire at East Farm wiped out an acre of buildings on the farm which contained thousands of pounds worth of machinery and implements. (Farm in on the Frampton Estate, belonging to Mr. Featherstonhaugh Frampton of Moreton). The fire brigade of the Estate was called as well as a brigade from Dorchester. The house, which was close to the buildings, was saved through the valiant efforts of local people, and the fact that the house roof was tile and window frames stone. "Some of the men tried to enter the bedroom facing the burning premises for the purpose of removing some of the furniture, but the heat was too great, and they were driven back." There is a good description of the extent of the farm and implements in the article, which mentions that it was fully insured. Henry was at Wool fair at the time and was immediately telegraphed for. "Two stables only, with tiled roofs, were saved..." (Western Gazette, May 16, 1890, page 8. Downloaded from FindMyPast)

1876-November 17: "Two Daires to be let at Candlemas next, one of 40 and one of 30 cows -Apply to Mr. C. Branston, Affpuddle...; or by letter to Mr. Henry Spicer, Ewin Barn, Mold, North Wales." (Western Gazette)

1886-February 26: "Carter Wanted, with son or two old enough to hold plough. -Henry Spicer, Affpuddle.." (Western Gazette)

1893-August 11: Moreton Estate Horticultural Society's Show - Collections of plants in pot shown by Miss K. Spicer (Asters -won a 1st) who also showed needlework. Henry Spicer was awarded a special prize for peaches. (Western Gazette)

1895-December: Henry and an employee were summoned and fined for an infringement of the Swine Fever Regulations by removing a pig without declaration. (Western Gazette)

1894-September 14 - sold 150 Down, wether and chilver lambs at auction at the Woodbury Hill Fair.

1905-March 3: Estate sales announced for March 23: "Neat Equipment of the Residence. Described in Catalogues obtainable one week prior to Sale." On Monday, April 3rd was also a Dispersion Sale of stock, including the old-established Down Flock of 550 Couples and Ewe Tegs, Herds of 35 Dairy Cows and High-class Berkshire Pigs., Farm Implements, complete set of Thrashing Tackle and other machinery. (Western Gazette)


bullet  Events

Birth Registration, 1838, Tolpuddle, Dorset, England. 54 Birth Registration, District of Dorchester and Cerne, Subdistrict of Piddletown in the county of Dorset, on file at the General Register Office in London. Shows birth date, Name, father and mother's names ('James Spicer' and 'Sarah Spicer formerly Pitt') and occupation of father as 'Dairyman'. Copy in my possession.

Birthplace, 1838, Tolpuddle, Dorset, England. 55 Tolpuddle had a population of 368 in the night of 6 June 1841. (Est 420 in 2013)
Possibly born at the home of his uncle George Spicer (wife Ann) who was a dairyman in Tolpuddle in 1841 although George would have been 19 in 1838. This however, is made more likely since George is listed as "South" on the census, and some of the census records for Henry show his birthplace as "Southover" which is "South Tolpuddle" directly across the river about a quarter of a mile from the center of Tolpuddle.
There was also a 45 year old Benjamin Spicer, Ag Laborer in Tolpuddle in 1841.
Tolpuddle marriages at OPC have some interesting possible connections:
07-Feb-1748/9; John SPICER & Anne RIDDLE
24-Apr-1753; James SPICER & Anne HOSFORD
22-Dec-1774; William HOOPER of Cerne & Ann SPICER by Licence witnesses: Joseph SNOOK, William VYE
15-Feb-1790; Thomas FANDEL of Tincleton & Elizabeth SPICER witnesses: William BRINE, James BULLEN
06-Jun-1793; John BANKS & Mary SPICER witnesses: Richard PEARSE, James BULLEN
28-Jun-1795; Thomas SPICER & Ann HARDY witnesses: James BULLEN, Samuel BULLEN
01-Jan-1812; William FOOT & Ann SPICER witnesses: Samuel BULLEN, James LOVELESS
17-Mar-1813; Charles SPICER & Betty SANDFORD witnesses: Jonathan DANIEL, William SEAVE
25-Apr-1837; William PITT of Wimborne Minster & Eliza SPICER by Licence witnesses: James SPICER, Ann SPICER (Event recorded with William and Eliza)

Census, 1841, Corsley. Wilshire, England. 56,57 Age 2.

Census: UK, 1841, Warminster, Corsley, Wilshire, UK. 58 With his wife Sarah, son Henry (2) and daughter Jane(1).

Census, 1851, Corsley, Warminster, Wiltshire, England. 59 The line "Occupation" says "leaving farm" although I'm not sure that that is what it is or what it means.

Census: UK, 1851, Corsley. Wilshire, England. 60 Age 12, scholar. b Tolpuddle.

Named in will: of his grandfather William Pitt, 1854, Affpuddle, Dorset, England. 61 " two Grandchildren Henry Spicer and Eliza Spicr children of my late daughter Sarah Spicer..." (Line 169-170)

Will, 8 Apr 1854, Affpuddle, Dorset, England. Extensive naming of children and spouses of children.

Census, 1861, Heffleton Farm, East Stoke, Dorset, England. 62 Age 22, b. Southover.

Census, 1861, East Stoke, Dorset, England. 63,64 Widow age 44 Heffleton Farm

Enumerator: Census, 1861, East Stoke, Dorset, England. 65

Occupation: Farmer - Combe, 1865-1867, Langton Matravers, Dorset, England. 66,67 Current OS maps show "Coombe Copse" just between Herston and Langton Matravers.,-1.99073,17
Coombe Farm is at the junction of Valley Road and Coombe Hill road.


Census: Ewloe Wood township, Flintshire, 1871, Ewloe Wood, Flintshire, Wales. 68 Residence is Ewloe Barn Farm.
Ewloe wood was described in an 1870 gazetteer as one of two townships in Harwarden parish, 1 3/4 mile NW of Harwarden. It is the location of Ewloe Castle. Henry is listed as a Farmer of 300 acres. The household includes two servants: a domestic servant and a Farm servant.

Award: medal, Sep 1872, Ewloe Wood, Flintshire, Wales. 69 Not the first or second prize, but he recieved a medal for the best pen of five shearling Shropshire-down ewes at the 31st annual show of the Denbighshire and Flintshire Agricultural Society in Wrexham, an annual farm fair of some size.

Membership: The Agricultural Society, 1875, Ewloe Wood, Flintshire, Wales. 70 Newspaper account of a meeting the The Agricultural Society mentions Henry Spicer (Ewloe) in attendance.

Place: Newspaper, 9 Oct 1875, Ewloe Wood, Flintshire, Wales. 71 Henry appears in the Wrexham Guardian re The Flintshire Harriers:
MOLD. THE FLINTSHIRE HARRIERS. - The members of the Flintshire Harriers Hunt give a dance and supper to the farmers of the district and their families on Wednesday next, the 13th inst., at the Market Hall, Mold, commencing at five p.m. They wish it to be known that if anyone having a claim to be asked is accidentally left out, application should be made to Mr Henry Spicer. Ewloe Barn, Mold.

Probate, 8 Mar 1877, Dorset, England. 72 Effects under 8,000. Proved by Henry Spicer of Mold in the County of Flint and Charles Branston of Affpuddle the Brother Farmers the executors.

Occupation: Farm manager, 1878. 53 "East Farm let to Mr. H. Spicer at a rather increased rent" (Frampton Estate Diary, quoted in BROCKLEBANK p 79)

Membership: The Flintshire Harriers, 1878, Ewloe Wood, Flintshire, Wales. 73

Census, 1881, East Farm, Affpuddle, Dorset. 56 Henry (42, farmer, born Tolpuddle)

Church: Appointed Churchwarden, 24 Mar 1882, Affpuddle, Dorset, England. 74 1882,1883, 1884. On Vestry 1885; 1889: Along with T. J. Scutt of Moreton was appointed to the office of Overseer of the Poor. (Image 194)
H. William Freeman, Vicar and chairman of the vestry for many years kept cryptic notes on vestry meetings, not generally recording who was present at the yearly meetings in late March, from Lady Day (March 25) to Lady Day.

Probate, 21 Feb 1888, Blandford, Dorest, England. 75 Effects 3729 10s 6d. ...late of Bovington Farm....was proved at Blandford by James Spicer of Snelling House Moreton near Dorchester...the Son and Henry Spicer of Affpuddle...the executors.

Census, 1891, East Farm, Affpuddle, Dorset. Henry (51, farmer, born Southover) (?)

Politics, 17 Dec 1894, Affpuddle, Dorset, England. 76 Elected Chairman of the Parish Council, which was created that year by Act of Parliment.

Will, 8 Sep 1900, Affpuddle, Dorset, England. 77 This will may have been superseded at a later date. It is in an envelope signed 'Henry Spicer Mankato, Minn.' along with an accounting statement of Sept 1, 1903 showing an equal distribution of the estate of 3006.

Census, 1901, Affpuddle, Dorset, England. 78 Farmer - Employer but no indication of the size of the farm.

Death, 29 Aug 1903. Died of injuries sustained while in a hunting accident. (Aunt Lena to The Rev. Wm J. Spicer in 1979 and Obituary)

Obituary: Western Gazette, page four, 4 Sep 1903, Bournemouth, Hampshire, England. 79 Found in father's marriage certificate. Downloaded original.
Among the attendees at his funeral was Harry Fetherstonhaugh Frampton, who was the great-grandson of James Frampton II. (James II > Henry > Louise + Rupert Fetherstonhaugh (who added Frampton to his name) > Harry Fetherstonhaugh Frampton)

Probate: to Frederick John Johnson and William James Spicer, Farmers, 28 Sep 1903, London, Middlesex, England. 80 Effects: 4330 11s. 1d. (in the neighborhood of a half a million US dollars)
In the final division accounting, 3006 was divided between four of the beneficiaries with 751 10s each to Alice, Maude, Will and Henry. That final accounting is dated Sept 1, 1903.

Auction: household goods, 29 Mar 1905, Affpuddle, Dorset, England.


Henry married Kitty Branston, daughter of William Henry Branston and Mary Ann Woodrow, 22 Oct 1863 in Affpuddle, Dorset, England.50 (Kitty Branston was born in 1829 in Harbridge, Hampshire, England, christened 7 Jun 1829 in Harbridge, Hampshire, England,81 died 25 Aug 1900 in Affpuddle, Dorset, England 82 and was buried 25 Aug 1900 in St. Laurence's Church, Affpuddle, England 83,84.)

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