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Restaurants and Clubs

We've got yer McDonalds, Burger King, Kentucky Fried Chicken/Taco Bell, Pizza Hut, Subway (oops -Pizza Hut closed) among others for
your 'traditional' fare, but there's a variety of local restaurants for dining out pleasure:

  • Ming Ling - a long established Chinese restaurant at
    566 South Lake Street 219 -938-6617
  • Armans - A long tradition in Miller is now reopened with new ownership and a more intriguing menu.
    5875 Melton Road (across from the Subway). Check out their page on Facebook Facebook
  • Beach Cafe - a long time favorite of Miller residents with a 'supper club' atmosphere and delicious boned and buttered Lake Perch.
    Closed for several years it is now (May of 2011) re-opened under new management.
  • Miller Pizza Station - Big screen TV - Da Bulls, Da Bears, Da Blackhawks - Beer, Pizza and railroads - hang on to your chair when the freight trains
    whiz by at 60 mph 20 feet from where you're sitting. The pizza is unique and very good.
    It's located in a renovated freight station on Lake Street at the end of Miller Ave. Open Mon-Thurs 11 - 10; Fri & Sat 11 - 12; Sunday 4 - 10
    with home delivery for a buck. 219-938-7071

  • Marquette Perk:
    A Coffee Shop Open Weekdays at 5:30 a.m.
    Serving the Finest Coffees and Baked Goods
    900 North Shelby (At the corner of Shelby and Locust)
    (219) 938-0820.

  • Flamingo :  More pizza and subs in the heart of Miller on Shelby Street across from the Beach Cafe. The menu is expanded...lots of people
    there for lunch and dinner.
  • Jonathans:
    jonathans.jpg (3318 bytes)  For a large breakfast menu eat at Jonathans, located in what was once the Big Wheel on
    US 20  (Melton Road). Open seven days a week from 5 am to 4 pm.
    6140 East Highway 20
    (219) 938-3516
  • Ono's Pizza:
    720 North Lake Street - 938-9393 - A long time Miller tradition lives!